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614 Catering

614 Catering offers a menu with locally-sourced ingredients.

Angela Matthews, her sister-in-law and “right hand” Erin Doliana, and business partner Steven Pietrykowski, Esq., form the core team behind 614 Catering, a business that’s as serious about their food as they are service.

According to Matthews, the inspiration behind 614 Catering is and always will be the team’s Ohio roots. 

“From our understanding of local ingredients, to niche suppliers, we are Buckeyes through and through,” says Matthews. “The plan was always to cook like grandma while using the same kind of local ingredients she would have had access to.”

And that’s just what 614 Catering does. With its team of professional servers and bar staff, they focus on providing those in the Columbus area with high-quality service as they eat dinners made of locally-sourced ingredients. 

With more than 50 years experience in the industry, the team behind 614 Catering never skimps on quality. “We have created a business model that allows us to control every aspect from menu planning to the clean up of your event,” says Matthews. “All of our employees are cross trained in every step of planning and execution to ensure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.”

When asked what’s on the menu at 614 Catering, Matthew says the short answer is straight-forward comfort food. But, with that being said, they also try to source at least one local supplier per menu item. “We are currently sourcing 60-75 percent (depending on the season), with an ultimate goal of 100 percent,” she says. “From local brews and fresh produce, to condiments and baked goods, we put our money and time where our mouth is.”

Since 614 Catering is a new company, Matthews says they’re still building the brand everyday, but thanks to the booming craft beer and cottage industries, the business is in the right place at the right time. 

“Every phone call is a chance to open another door to an amazing opportunity or partnership,” she adds.

To learn more about 614 Catering, visit, follow along on Instagram, “like” them on Facebook, or call the team at 614-653-1454. 

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