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A Cut Above The Rest

Goodfellow's barbershopDale Grinstead-Mayle has always been into style and looking his best. “It just made sense,” he explains. That attitude led him to open his own barbershop – Goodfellow’s Tonsorial Parlor – earlier this year.


Grinstead-Mayle had the idea to become a barber about 3 years ago and immediately knew he wanted to open his own shop. 


“I’ve been a licensed barber for about a year and a half and love what I am doing!” he says.  


Good fellow’s (which opened this year) is a 4-chair shop, nestled between the Brewery District and German Village. Grinstead-Mayle says he chose the High Street location because the building is a 116 year old, 3-story house that really lends itself to the comfortable and laid-back vibe Goodfellow’s is trying to offer their neighbors and clients. 


He adds that Goodfellow’s is not your typical barber shop because, “We focus on elevating each of our guest’s personal style and well-being with traditional and refined services and products in a clean, inviting, and social environment while maintaining the highest standards through quality and a strong emphasis on community.” 


Even though Goodfellow’s offers similar services to the other shops in town, Grinstead-Mayle says the space and experience is unique. “We have a space where anyone can come and feel welcome. Our 3rd floor lounge features a pool table, soft-seating and HD TV where clients, friends and neighbors can hang out. Whether they’re waiting for a cut or just need hang out. It’s also available to book privately for games, birthdays or even groom’s parties where they can hang out, get ready for the wedding and come down for shaves and clean-ups!” he explains. 


Goodfellow's lounge Goodfellow’s uniqueness also comes from an unlikely source: the internet. The barbershop was able to become a brick-and-mortar thanks in large part to a crowdfunding campaign through GoFundMe. Grinstead-Mayle talked about the process and how they just needed to raise enough to gain some capital to help get started. The campaign was very successful and offered several rewards for donors.


Grinstead-Mayle says, “We set up different donor levels that included kickbacks of products and/or services. The support from friends, family and the community was amazing!” 


But you don’t have to have been a campaign donor to get some of those services. Since opening, Goodfellow’s offers traditional and modern barber cuts, straight-razor shaves, beard trims, facial massages, and scalp treatments. “Our goal is to use and sell quality products and support local business and distributors whenever possible,” says Grinstead-Mayle. 


As of right now, you can book with either Grinstead-Mayle himself or their other fantastic barber: Cory Sherman. They are  looking to fill the other 2 chairs, and hope to have more barbers soon. 


You can stop in and see the shop for yourself this Sunday, Dec. 4 during German Village’s Annual Village Lights. Goodfellow’s will be hosting an open-house during the event. Grinstead-Mayle details how they’ll open the doors for people to come in, check them out, and warm up before, during, or after gallivanting through Village Lights. He adds that, “we won’t be offering any specific holiday promotions this year because we’re still getting our feet, but we do have an on-going rewards system through our booking software. Clients gain points for services, products, and the 3rd floor rental that accrue and can be used interchangeably.” Next year, he says, they plan on offering more to their clients and the community.


If you can’t make it down to Village Lights, don’t worry. You can always learn more about Goodfellow’s Tonsorial Parlor by visiting them online at And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @goodfellowsbarber.