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A Fancy Wrinkle

Kendra Singh is a marketer by day; blogger and dog mom by night.  She’s also (as she admits) quite the shopaholic. But Singh has a plan to her shopping. A plan that’s a page out of her mother’s book.


“I looked mainly for great sales and deals so I wasn’t putting myself in debt,” Singh explains.


And as she started finding awesome deals on fun and fashionable items, her friends would always ask where she got her outfits.


“That’s when I started posting outfit ideas. Including where I found them and how much I saved,” Singh says, adding, “I’ve always been a better shopper and stylist for my friends  – more than myself – so I starting blogging about it around two years ago as a hobby.” 


And that’s how Singh’s blog, A Fancy Wrinkle, was created. For her, it’s meant to be a deal blog first and foremost. But it showcases fashion and outfit ideas, including work outfits. She also highlights shops and businesses around Columbus.  


“I try to make things simple for those that may not have the time to shop themselves,” Singh shares. “Whether it be not thinking about what to wear, how to get the best deal. Or even if there is a big sale, I want to be able to show you what the best bang for your buck may be,” she continues.  


Singh notes that, “I try to take what my friends are asking me and make sure I make it simple on my blog. I get a lot of ‘where can i find the best clothes for work?’ or ‘I love that bag you have, where can I find it and not have to spend a ton of money?'”


For Singh, the biggest highlights since starting her blog have been the little things. Like hearing from a friend that they went and bought a new item she’s showcasing or how she saved them time in picking out an outfit. She’s also loved meeting new people at blogger conferences, as well as bloggers from around the country. 


“The blogging community is amazing and I love how we all support each other, no matter the size of the blog,” Singh remarks. 


Singh’s also got some new things coming to the blog, like a post (or a few posts) about different things she’s tried around the city. “I challenged myself to try something new each month!” she explains. So be on the lookout for her take on a handwriting class, the float spa, an escape room, and many others. 


Learn more about Kendra Singh and the blog by visiting her online at And be sure to follow her on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter: @kendrasingh, and Instagram: @afancywrinkle.


You can also check out Singh’s dog mom adventures on Instagram at @_rubythegem


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