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A Lasting Impression

Sumeet Aulakh has always been passionate about art, ever since she was a kid. And while her degree is in mechanical engineering, she’s always loved to draw and paint on the side.


One day at a carnival, Sumeet was standing in line with a friend who wanted henna. “I didn’t want to get any myself, but ended up getting a small flower on the palm of my hand,” Sumeet recalls.


Later, Sumeet decided to get a henna cone and add more to the design. Several people loved it and asked her to draw on them as well. “So that’s how Mehndi Impressions started,” she explains.


In January 2007, Sumeet started by doing henna for various campus events and festivals. After a few years of experience, she started working with weddings. She provides henna services for individual or group appointments, parties, events, and weddings. Adding, “I also provide makeup services, but it isn’t the primary focus.”


Prior to the weddings, Sumeet also offers a bridal consultation. This appointment is held to choose designs that best fit the bride’s style and budget, discuss wedding details, and for a small henna sample. She explains how, “a couple days before the wedding, I typically do elaborate henna for the bride and simple designs for her guests.”










Sumeet adds that the favorite part of growing her business is actually being able to see growth. “Whether it’s my drawing style, design creativity, line quality, interactions with brides and guests, or any other aspect, I love looking back and seeing how it has evolved over time.”


“Seeing progress keeps me motivated to continue growing, and keeps me passionate about henna,” she continues. Adding that there’s always something new to learn, or improve on.


And while Sumeet doesn’t have sales or specials, she does work with each individual bride to help her choose the best options for her budget.


You can learn more about Sumeet, henna, and her services by visiting


And be sure to follow Mehndi Impressions on Facebook and Instagram: @mehndiimpressions





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