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A Purrfect Place

pet expoUsually when you want to celebrate having your pet (whether feline, canine, reptile, etc) you throw a little party or just post a ton of photos to Instagram of your pet lounging about. But for others, there’s a bigger way to celebrate: The All American Columbus Pet Expo.


We talked with Steve Cantin, the main man behind the Columbus Pet Expo to learn about this amazing, and HUGE, event spectacular.


The Columbus Pet Expo began 20 years ago when Cantin was asked to create an event centered around pets for the then a 30-chain store, PETAZZ. And ever since that first show, its grown into being the largest pet Expo in the country and has been called, “the greatest pet show on earth!”


And this year’s show (April 17-19) promises to be amazing and pet-astic. Like the A to Z Product Mall with anything and everything your pet could ever need. And this year, they’ll be showcasing items like the Litter Robot. Cantin also talked about how his favorite of the Expo has been bringing new and exciting products for the public to see and providing exceptionally fun pet entertainment.


He said, “it is an amazing event and for the small fee you pay to attend your rewards are everlasting fun memories!”


Some of this year’s entertainment highlights include Pan​filov’s Amazing Household Cats, Llama World (where you can walk with llamas), and Johnny Peers & The Muttville ​​​Comix Comedy Dog Show. Peers’ show involves rescue dogs, and Cantin stressed how much rescue and adoption services have become a part of the Expo.


He told us about the Expo’s Mega Pet Adoption, “where our annual goal is to educate people about thinking adoption first. [There] over 40 pet rescues participating in that event and our goal this year is 500 adoptions from the efforts of the event.”


And if all that wasn’t pet-acular enough, the Expo is also creating a video on Friday (4/17) that they hope will go viral. The video features Cantin sining a parody of James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” with the lyrics changes to: “I feel good like a pet owner should.” According to Cantin:

It will be a 4 camera shoot and involve all our animal acts and the audience. During the lines, ‘when i hold you in my arms / my hugs can’t do you no harm,’ we will be shooting footage of people hugging their pets and in between the lines. [And for the lines] ‘I feel nice like Rover and Spike / I feel fine like me pretty feline,’ cats and dogs from our shows will be performing all sorts of fun feats from catching Frisbees to diving of a 40 ft dock into a big pool!

The All American Columbus Pet is a purrfect event for everyone, ages big and small, human and nonhuman. Although, if you plan to bring your pooch or other animal pal, it’s important to look over the Expo’s pet policy first. Tickets for the event can be purchased on their website: Or you can look for them in ValPaks, at local pet stores, and participating Krogers.

And be sure to check them out on Facebook for special contests, like the calendar and pet food contest. The 21st All American Columbus Pet Expo is at the Ohio Expo Center, April 17-19 (Friday: 1-8PM, Saturday: 10AM-7PM, and Sunday: 11AM-5PM).