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A Shop of Substance

In 2007, Christina Getachew was searching for a space in Cincinnati that reflected the artsy style and energy of her Short North-based fashion boutique, Substance.


It was a matter of chance that Over the Rhine was undergoing a revitalization at the same time she needed a location to expand her business.


“Over the Rhine is a great location for independent business owners,” says Getachew. “The community is really putting the time and energy into bringing that area back to life.”


Substance made its official introduction to Cincinnati this past June, and Over the Rhine has a character that is fitting of the boutique. Its classic architecture fits the classic designs that are inside the store. Getachew prides her store on containing items that can stay in your wardrobe for many years with details that do not go out of style.


“Substance has clothes you can keep,” she says. “We carry styles and brands that are timeless; the essentials that every woman needs. We carry clothing that is made with strong materials that will last a long time.”


Originating in Columbus, Substance carries a wide variety of clothing and accessories that could fit any woman’s wardrobe. From cute summer dresses, to versatile cotton leggings, to blazers, Substance has clothing that will fit your lifestyle, but not break your budget.


“We carry many different brands, including Levi, Fisher, and Stewart + Brown,” states Getachew, “We strive to carry quality clothing without excluding those with small pockets.”


Apart from name brands, Substance also designs and produces its own collection. In fact, when the first location opened, Substance only sold its own collection. Today, some of the items are even made in the store. An employee is often seen at a table, creating new pieces that will be added to the racks. Customers are able to get a direct look into how the pieces are made and can have a closer experience with the store.


Additionally, Substance is eco-friendly. The majority of their products are made with organic cotton or other sustainable materials and their brand is made entirely in the U.S.A. Getachew is also looking into using less water to produce clothing and accessories.


In the New Year, Getachew and Substance plan on becoming a household name in the Cincinnati area. “I want to make shopping a more convenient experience for the working women of Cincinnati,” she says.


“One reason we chose the Over the Rhine location was to help women shop closer to home.” Substance has the clothing and accessories that every working, professional woman needs, from business casual, to professional, to a fun night out on the town. Women can shop for every type of occasion without leaving the city.


Substance also plans on issuing a spring quarter collection in February in addition to their regular event, called “In Ohio, We Style,” which showcases locally made designs to Substance customers. Through this event, Substance supports local Cincinnati designers. They enjoy shedding the spotlight on those that share their roots of selling a unique and individual collection.


For more information on Substance, please visit their website at or visit the store at 1435 Main Street down in Over the Rhine.


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