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An App-solute Workout

Getting in a workout can be a chore. Thankfully apps that not only help you find the time to workout, but also show how to exercise. One of those apps is Aaptiv.


Aaptiv is an on-demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a personal trainer with the enjoyment of your favorite fitness class. It’s unique because its workout perfectly sync that motivation of a personal trainer with the upbeat music you already know and love.


The app even has lots of traditional workouts, like:

  • core
  • cycling
  • cardio
  • elliptical
  • meditation
  • running
  • treadmill
  • yoga

It also just launched a series of workouts geared towards moms and moms-to-be. 


As Nicole from Aaptiv tells Cbus Chic, “as a mother … making time for yourself can be a challenge, but it really is so important. Finding simple, quick, and enjoyable ways to get active while strengthening your body can be a wonderful and rewarding form of self-care.” 


Nicole explains how many of Aaptiv’s programs are 7-10 minutes long. “Which is a perfect length to get in some quality ‘Me time!’ After a crazy summer with the kids, it’s time to make sure you get some personal time in, to stay healthy,” she adds.


But Aaptiv’s newest offers are maternity focused programs. “We’ve recruited top-tier talent to lead the design and development of the maternity program,” says Nicole. Talent like Kira Kohrherr of FitBump, yoga guru and author Kristin McGee, and expert Aaptiv trainers who’re trained and certified in pre and postnatal exercise.


“So not only do we have your back for 9 months, but we’re right there with you to get you back on track after a baby,” adds Nicole. 


You can try Aaptiv for yourself with their standard 7 day trial: And learn more about Aaptiv by visiting them online at



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