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Aerotique Columbus

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re a performer in the circus? Your childhood dream is about to come true at Aerotique Columbus, a studio that offers programming in the aerial and circus arts.

“We have classes for all ages and abilities with a focus on making this form of movement more accessible to our community,” says Owner and Director Lyra Gray.

Gray is a former gymnast who wanted to take her love for the sport well into adulthood when she found that gyms don’t exactly offer gymnastics for adults.

“I never really agreed with the idea that when you get older, you have to stop doing the movement you loved your whole life,” she says. “That’s where the inspiration for Aerotique comes from – we want our studio to be a space where we can incorporate all of the movements we love whether we are a child or an adult. Our mission is that everyone finds joy through movement.”

Gray brings with her a coaching experience dating back almost 20 years. 

“While I grew up in the gymnastics world, I find so much more freedom and expression in the aerial and circus world and hope to grow the art form and accessibility in Columbus,” she adds.

There are more than 20 different classes available at Aerotique and can work for anyone who is new to aerial as well as students who are more advanced.

“We offer programming for youth and adults in aerial skills, trapeze, hoop, aerial rope, hand balancing, bungee fitness, adult tumbling, strength and flexibility, and so much more,” she says.

Aerotique is the first program of its kind in Columbus to offer comprehensive circus programming for youth and adults in ground-based and aerial movements – with growth on the horizon.
“We have so many exciting changes and activities going on at Aerotique,” says Gray. “We are always expanding program offerings and are working hard to create performance opportunities for our students, including showcases and themed shows. We are also working to create a youth and adult circus troupe that will have a larger visibility around the community so Columbus can see first-hand what we are all about!”
Aerotique is located at 6665 Singletree Boulevard in Columbus. You can see class offerings and current events at The studio is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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