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In ancient Sanskrit, Ahimsa means to “avoid harm” and “universal love.” Using these meanings, Manasa Mantravadi launched a business that offers stainless steel dishes that are ideal for children. 
“When my children were born, my mother replaced the plastic dinnerware I mistakenly bought for my children with traditional steel dinnerware that I myself used as a child,” she explains. “She was concerned with leaching of chemicals in the plastic with heat.”
And her mother’s concern wasn’t unfounded. In 2018 the American Academy of Pediatrics released report on how families can limit their children’s exposure to harmful chemicals, and recommended using glass and stainless steel when possible. 
“This made for the biggest ‘I told you so’ moment in the history of motherhood,” laughs Mantravadi. 
Since the report was released, Mantravadi has used stainless steel dinnerware for her children. However, she doesn’t purchase the dinnerware, she was essential in designing the dinnerware line she uses. 
She not only wanted to reduce the chemical exposure for her children, she also wanted to do her part in making the world a better place. 
“I was also concerned about the effect on the environment as I watched my friends constantly discard and replace stained, melted, and frayed plastic dinnerware,” she adds.
After realizing that stainless steel dinnerware was a problem worth serving she set her mind to it and launched Ahimsa, the world’s first line of colorful stainless steel dinnerware for children. 
“By sharing something tried-and-true from my own roots in India, we aim to redefine mealtime by putting safe, durable, and beautiful steel on the American dining table,” she says. “Our entire company is based on health and science because that is what I know. However, it is the real-life experience as a parent that drives our mission to be a practical, simple, and lasting solutions. From product development to lab testing, every detail is intentional and meticulous as we want parents to be able to focus on the good stuff, like happy, healthy family dinners.”
Ahimsa is currently wrapping up the pre-launch phase of the business and says they’ve seen great customer feedback. 
“we’ve listened and so will be releasing separates this month,” says Mantradavi. “We will soon be offering round dinner plates and a cereal bowl with nesting spoon for our older kids.”
To learn more about Ahimsa, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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