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All Choked Up

The dream of 90’s is alive. However, unlike IFC’sĀ Portlandia opening theme, it’s not just alive in Portland. The 90’s are back in style, and it’s just celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, and Kendall Kenner (ok, pretty much the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan) that are rocking the decade-centric look.

ChokersOne of the biggest 90’s trends that’s making the style rounds are chokers. From elaborate metal statement pieces, to the plastic tattoo-esque ones you stretched out trying to get over your head, chokers are back!

We asked Meredith Piccin, a past Cbus Chic feature and the woman behind Honey Rose & K jewelry, to tell us more about this trend, plus some new ways it’s been updated for today.

Piccin says, “Chokers are back this season with a modern update to the 90’s classics. You’ll find the bolo necklaces to be very versatile. Wear them long and tie loosely, wrap twice for a choker or wrap around your wrist for a wrap bracelet!”

Leather choker

We also asked her about another trend we’ve seen: leather bands (usually styled like chokers). Picnic explains how, “leather jewelry provides an instant update to any outfit. And at Honey Rose & K, we mix ours with unique vintage finds for the ultimate sustainable look.”

She reminds us that, “chokers are here to stay for the next few seasons. We love mixing the metals and keeping the look clean and modern.”

So if you still have that choker you wore to homecoming back in the 90’s (or early 2000’s), now is the time to bust it back out. Style it by layering with newer pieces, or by adding some mixed metals and materials to the look.

To see more jewelry trends, and to learn more about Honey Rose & K, visitĀ