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All Natural Beauties

Feel like your hair and skin isn’t quite as youthful as it once was? That’s where All Natural Beauties can come into place. 

“All Natural Beauties is an all natural body care line that comes with benefits,” explains CEO and Founder Kayonna Walker. “We offer all kinds of products from shampoos, conditioners, other hair care products, soaps, bath salts, body butters, foot creams, and facial wash just to name a few.”

While offering natural products isn’t unusual for a business like All Natural Beauties, there are perks in the brand’s benefits. 

“Our products can be used to help with hair growth, dry scalp, severe dry skin, relaxing, energizing, and detoxing – all by doing nothing more but your everyday hygiene routine,” says Walker.

Walker herself is a believe in all natural body care, which started at a young age. She took it upon herself to become educated about different herbs and plants, and then mixing those things to create all natural body creams for family and friends that suffer from anything from dry skin to eczema and other minor skin problems. 

Once Walker saw how much her family and friends benefitted from these products, she knew she had to share it with others – thus the launch of All Natural Beauties. 

“I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and encourage everyone to know more about natural care, so I formulated a high-quality, pure, and chemical-free body care line,” she says.

Walker is hoping to soon launch classes in Columbus to help teach people about the different herbs and plants that can be used in creating the products she sells. 

To learn more about All Natural Beauties, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and keep your eyes out for an All Natural Beauties website that will soon launch.

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