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Aunt B’s Wholesome Living

Aunt B’s Wholesome Living is a website that offers recipes to those with dietary restrictions.

Bethany Rooks, CNHP, is a self-proclaimed recipe developer. She’s also dealt with digestive issues throughout most of her life. That’s why she’s into eating healthy and making sure you only put good stuff in your body, and the reason she launched Aunt B’s, a bakery that sells gluten-free, paleo-friendly, nutrient-dense, made-from-scratch baked goods.

“It all began this past summer (2017) with the creation of Aunt B’s Bakery,” she says. “I’ve had digestive issues, which forced me to rid my diet of dairy, gluten, grains, and refined sugar. So I tried many recipes until I found those that resembled the delicious taste of the traditional baked goods we grew up loving.”

When she was venturing through farmers markets last year, she was just starting on her journey to rid her diet of those processed, not-so-good products. “I bought a baked goods treat and a latte and it was delicious until halfway through when I realized I got very sick,” Rooks explains. “I was mad at first, not understanding why others can have a ‘cheat day’ every now and then, but if I did then I ended up getting very sick.”

While she was on her way home, Rooks tried to brainstorm ideas of how to prevent herself from getting sick every time she ate out. 

“A couple nights later as I was baking for myself a gluten-, dairy-, and refined sugar-free treat, I then realized there must be others out there who want to eat treats that do not make them sick but still taste as close to traditional, or better, as they remember,” she says.

It was then that Rooks launched her bakery, which then inspired the website, Aunt B’s Wholesome Living. 

“Aunt B’s Wholesome Living digs deeper than just the food we enjoy, but rather, our whole wellbeing,” she says. “The website has an inspiration page for those who need a little uplifting encouragement, devotionals, and more.”

There’s also a recipe page full of gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-inspired recipes for readers to enjoy. 

The blog, Rooks says, has a variety of her life story, dietary restrictions for eating out, tips for ridding toxins when cleaning, and more. 

Currently, the menu at the bakery just switched to dry mixes, including a paleo brownie mix with coconut flour, keto bread mix with almond flour, and Aunt B’s Trail Mix. All mixes are $5 each, not including shipping. 

If you have a special request for muffins, cakes, and cooks, you can contact Rooks via email. The mixes will also be available on the website and at the Uptown Saturday Westerville Farmers Market.

In addition to selling on the website and at the Farmers Market, Rooks is looking to expand to local shops with the dry mixes. She recommends following along on the Aunt B’s website to get the latest news on where else you can find the mixes.


To learn more about Aunt B’s Wholesome Living, click here. You can check out the Aunt B’s Bakery page on Facebook as well as the Wholesome Living Facebook page. And follow along on Instagram.

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