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Be Blown Away at The Blowout Bar

We all want to recreate the salon look at home, but no matter the quality of products or tools, achieving that perfectly shiny, bouncy hair always seems out of reach. This fall, a new business is opening in Columbus that focuses on one thing: giving you that just-left-the-salon look.


Co-Owners Kailen and Kristen Kouvas.

Co-Owners Kailen and Kristin Kouvas. Photo by Allie Lehman.

Just like many women, sisters Kristin and Kailen Kouvas love the way they feel after a stylist blows out their hair and gives them a finished style. The love of freshly blown out hair inspired them to open The Blowout Bar, a salon that specializes in styling hair. “After an amazing blowout, we feel confident and ready to take on the world, and we wanted to bring that feeling to the women of Columbus,” says co-owner Kristin Kouvas.


At The Blowout Bar, you won’t find shears or foils anywhere. Blow-drying and styling hair is their focus, and they strive to be the best at it. “When you go to a typical salon for a blowout, you never know what you’re going to get. At a blowout bar, the main focus is consistency,” say Kouvas. The Blowout Bar focuses on giving great styles every time. To ensure the clients will end up with the style they want, The Blowout Bar offers a menu with options like “The Cosmo,” a straight but voluminous look, and “The Bahama Mama” for beach waves. If you need a little extra pampering, they also offer scalp massages and nourishing hair masks.


Kouvas says that styled hair is making a comeback everywhere.  “We’re seeing that women are starting to care more about styling their hair.” To complete your look, The Blowout Bar will have makeup artists in the shop on weekend nights and for private parties.


Insightly_InStoryAdAs the blow out bar craze makes its way into the Midwest, Kouvas shares that her shop has a feel that makes it unique to Columbus.  The interior of the shop uses Ohio barn wood, and they offer a special OSU game day menu.  The owners hope to partner with many local businesses, and they also plan to be in their shop every day, welcoming the customers and getting to know them. “When our customers walk into The Blowout Bar, we’ll always be there, and I think that’s something a lot of the big chains can’t say,“ says Kouvas.


While an exact opening date has not been set, The Blowout Bar is anticipated to open in late October and clients will be able to pre-book appointments online before the official opening. Booking is not required, however, and walk-ins are welcome. Kouvas shared that she and her sister are already scoping out locations around Columbus for additional shops. While they wait for The Blowout Bar to open, they love to interact with future clients on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Blowout Bar is located at 1378 Grandview Ave. Columbus, Oh. 43212.


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