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Be Fit, Be Active, BeyFit Columbus

Victoria Strickland and Sarah Warmly met while working together at the Columbus nonprofit Local Matters.


One day, over lunch, the two started joking about how gyms don’t have enough Beyoncé workout classes.


“When Beyoncé is on, we workout harder, we feel fierce and we slay the workout,” says Tori. And yet, in their joking (and over happy hour) there was an idea forming – BeyFit Columbus.


BeyFit is a pop- up workout, set to take place every other week at a different park throughout Columbus with the goal being to just have fun and workout together. Fellow fitness and (mostly) Beyoncé lovers can meet for a fun, energized workout, all inspired by and to the soundtrack of Beyoncé.


“Every workout begins and ends with an open, freestyle Beyoncé dance party, and we only set workouts to Beyoncé music. It’s a great workout to help people meet their life/self/ fitness goals,” Tori explains. Each workout also features a $5 donation towards a raffle for IVY PARK fitness gear (or some other Beyonce inspired item).


And of course, lemonade is always provided.


Tori adds that they were blown away by how fast BeyFit grew. Initially, they shared it with friends and before they knew it, “we had 500 people going and over 1,000 people interested in the first event!” Adding, “it was cray but amazing, and we were like, we are not the only people that love Beyoncé enough to give up a Saturday morning to workout to her music!” 


And after that, Tori and Sarah just kept it going. They had BootyCamp workouts, HIIT workouts, Hip-Hop dance workout at the Pride Festival. They even held a backyard BeyFit at the Executive Director of Local Matters’ house, where around 100 people came out.


Tori says, “we called it NamaSLAY – a yoga and brunch.” After that, the duo capped the summer off with a B’Day Celebration workout on Beyoncé’s birthday with a replica Beyoncé birthday cake (thanks to Monique McCoy, who made the cake) and Biscuits and Jamz, made by Tori and Sarah.


And if you’re wondering what kind of tunes you can expect at BeyFit, Cbus Chic asked Tori to share some of her faves: 


“Oh! My favorite Beyoncé song to workout to is ‘Schoolin’ Life.’ The song is so upbeat and it’s so much about just being you no matter your age, gender anything — it’s such a freeing feeling to workout to that song, you feel your own limitation wash away!”


“Also, ‘Freedom,’ ‘Hold Up,’ ‘Standing on the Sun’ and of course, ‘Get Me Bodied’ – the remix. Because then we follow Beyoncé’s instructions at the end and dance and pat our weaves, it’s great!” Tori says. But she adds that really any Beyoncé song gets her hyped and energized.  


“It [listening to Beyonce] makes a 50 minute workout fly by because you’ve been dancing and moving to fun music with your friends, old and new, and haven’t really noticed the time or the pain or the struggle. You’ve been focusing on the energy you’re putting out and receiving from the music and people around you. You feel the message and the empowerment from the music and that helps push you through your workout. It’s so much fun and energizing and just makes you feel like a bad chick, it makes you feel like if Bey says I can do it – who am I to disagree!” Tori explains.


You can learn more about BeyFit and their upcoming classes by following them on social media: Facebook, Instagram: @beyfitcolumbus, and Twitter: @bey_fit. Plus, you’ll be able to try out BeyFit at Cbus Chic’s “New Year, New You” event on Jan. 27th (where they’ll be doing a 30 minute workout demo).


And be on the lookout for their upcoming LuluLEMONADE BeyFit workout in April. The event will be a celebration of LEMONADE’s release. Tori adds that they’re partnering with Lululemon Polaris, and it’ll be the perfect way to end their off-season events before kicking off with the second season of BeyFit in early June.