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BeautyCounter with Amy Jo

BeautyCounter is a direct sales company that uses non-toxic ingredients in its products.

Based out of Santa Monica, California, BeautyCounter is on a mission: To get safer products in the hands of everyone. 

According to Columbus-based consultant Amy Jo Hamilton, BeautyCounter has banned more than 1,500 harmful and toxic ingredients from their products. “We carry four skincare lines, makeup, sunscreen, and kids and baby products,” she says. “We are a direct retail brand, which means we have three channels of distribution: e-commerce site, consultants, and pop-up shops and collaborations.”

Removing harmful and toxic ingredients from their products is what inspired Hamilton to launch a BeautyCounter business of her own, following health issues. 

“I had just suffered my first of two miscarriages and I was looking to clean up the foods we ate and cleaning products we used,” she said. “I never thought of the products I put on my body not being safe. I learned quickly that women are exposed to multiple toxic chemicals daily, chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, chronic health issues, etc.”

It was then that she decided to make a change, especially considering our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and everything that’s absorbed through it directly enters the bloodstream. 

“Once I learned this information, I felt a duty to share it with everyone I knew and everyone I met,” Hamilton adds. “This is not widely known information and that has to change.”

When you shop Hamilton’s BeautyCounter business, you’ll find complete skincare lines for dry skin, normal skin, combo/oily skin, acne, and anti-aging as well as makeup with 10 shades of foundation, five shades of a tinted moisturizer with SPF, seven new blushes, three bronzers, two highlighters, and eye shadow palettes. Plus, she also sells baby and kids body wash, oil, and a must-have baby balm, sunscreen, and products for your hair and body.

Hamilton says what really makes BeautyCounter stand out from other direct sales beauty companies is that they are leading the industry in safe products that perform. “We have a very rigorous process that ensures safety and performance,” she says. “We not only want our products to be safe, but we want the industry to follow, so we are lobbying in Washington, D.C., for stricter laws and regulations when it comes to beauty products.”

Those looking to shop BeautyCounter will find the holiday launch coming in October, and Hamilton says the company is always launching new, innovative products.

To learn more about Hamilton’s BeautyCounter business, click here.


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