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Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge

Marty Parker wanted to bring a new dining experience to Columbus, so he launched the Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge. 

“The Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge is the most exciting, mysterious, and engaging night out with your friends and family you have ever had,” says Parker. “The Blind Ninja puts conventional dining in the Dark Ages. You and your date or friends will be blind folded, put into a Ninja Clan where you will compete against other Ninja Clans to find your food, find your mouth, and eat (maybe!).”

During the challenge, the clan that completes the most challenges will dine on a delicious five-course meal and take home prizes. 

“Ninjas will need to use their wits, intuition, and communication skills to work together in shear darkness to score points,” says Parker. “Laughter, attempted Sake toasts, and multitude of high-fives abound in this interactive culinary extravaganza.” 

Parks says that the idea for the Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge came from the need to fill an unused restaurant space in his Throw Nation Chicago location and in his downtown Columbus Axe Throwing bar, other of which opened in 2019. 

He knew he wanted to create an event that involved food and new about the popular “Dinner in the Dark” concepts that have taken other cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Montreal, and New York by storm. 

“I took an already popular, unique concept and added the magic of my other productions that focuses on engaging people continuously through an experience by adding actors that give directions to make the production over the top fun,” he says. 

When a group or couple comes in to take on the Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge, everyone is guided by a Ninja. 

“The Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge is geared toward going out with friends, date nights, team-building events, birthday parties, and competitive socializing,” says Parker. “During the experience, you and your team or date are blindfolded and must work together to find your food and figure out how to eat it. You use your skill, wits, and eating intuition to complete a series of challenges given by your personal Dinner Ninja. During this 1.5-2 hour guided culinary adventure, your remaining four senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste are heightened, creating a new perception of realty.”

Throughout the evening teams collect points for completing “Ninja Challenges,” culminating in a team crowned Master Dinner Ninja. 

“Dinners are delicious five-course meals, much like what you would expect at a high-end restaurant, and a full bar is available,” he adds. “Menus are a secret, but dietary restrictions will be accommodate when you reserve online and confirmed when you arrive.”

Tickets to the Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge are $59.95 per person and must be purchased in advance. Drinks, processing, and tax are not included. The Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge is open Fridays and Saturdays, doing two shows a night at 6pm and 8:30pm. 

The Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge is located at 560 S. High Street in Columbus’ Brewery District. 

To learn more about Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge, visit You can also learn more on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.


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