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Body Ache Escape

Want to get out of pain and stay that way? Then you may want to pay a visit to Body Ache Escape, a small massage center in Pickerington. 
“We specialize in many types of massage and acupuncture,” explains Owner Michele Cook. “We are very focused on getting and keeping our clients out of pain.”
Cook is the one behind Body Ache Escape alongside Kyrom Moses, who started the business in 2010 after they became friends while working together at the YMCA and a local chiropractor’s office. 
“We both became massage therapists to help people feel their best, so opening our own place was the natural next step to help more people and be a place where other massage therapists would want to work also.”
Cook’s background is in exercise science. She worked as a personal trainer for several years as well as a competitive body builder. Then, in 2002, she became a massage therapist. Moses has his own athletic background as well. He is a professional bodybuilder, holds a black belt in karate, and wants to compete in America Ninja Warrior. He became a licensed massage therapist in 2003.
Cook says that at Body Ache Escape, they love to offer massages that are more of a therapeutic, “fixing” type of massage. These massages include modalities such as deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point. The massage center also offers a fertility massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, and a class for couples to learn how to massage each other. 
But they’ve also got a new massage they recently started offering to clients – one that’s coined the Rejuveheat Massage. 
“It’s the same awesome massage given while the client lays on an infrared heat mat,” says Cook. “The mat can heat the body up to 5 centimeters deep, rather than just millimeters like a regular heating pad. This provides a much more effective, longer lasting massage.”
The locally owned and operated Body Ache Escape enjoys educating clients on how they can help themselves get out of pain – which they share on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 
“Our goal is to get our clients to a place where they come in regularly to prevent injuries and stiffness from ever happening rather than correcting it when it does,” adds Cook. 
To learn more about Body Ache Escape, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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