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Bohemian Glamour by Christina

BG by Christina is a lifestyle blog focuses on several topics like fashion, travel, and more.

The words bohemian and glamour may sound like juxtaposed terms, but it’s the vision behind Christina Lab’s personal style and lifestyle blog BG by Christina. 

Of course, bohemian is more unconventional and informal while glamour exemplifies enchantment and magic. Lab says she’s inspired the most by free-spirited, whimsical styles, which have shaped her personal style into what it is today. 

“I’m also a believe in everyday magic and joy, and I like to bring that to my readers,” she says. “I was inspired to start this blog to encourage my readers to pursue wellness, make a difference in the world, and find confidence in their unique styles.”

BG by Christina isn’t her first venture into the blog world. Although BG by Christina launched about two years ago, she also ran another blog before this one, called The Daily Sugar. However, she says she decided to launch BG by Christina because she saw her blog going in a different direction. 
“I wanted to create a blog that could better grow with me in my personal style and life journey,” she adds.
On BG by Christina you’ll find that it has evolved over time. What started out as a personal style and fashion blog has now become a lifestyle blog, something Lab says she’s very happy about.
“I’m passionate about many topics other than fashion, and I often have more to say about those things,” she explains. “I still blog about personal style, but I also blog about wellness, beauty (mostly organic-focused), sustainable and responsible fashion, chronic illness (I’m a spoonie), DIY projects, local Ohio events, travel, marriage, and really all things that I’m passionate about.”
Over the course of two years, BG by Christina has published several blog posts, but Lab says there’s one that really sticks out in her memory as a favorite. It’s the one where she and her husband Fred got to stay in a treehouse. 
“We partnered with Glamping Hub to create travel content for them and we stayed in this magical treehouse,” she says. “I think it’s my favorite post, because of the wonderful memories we made and how unique the experience was.”
As you can see, several different topics are covered in BG by Christina, something that she says helps to make her blog unique. It also presents a whimsical feel for readers. 
“I hope my blog and the images I create can be a bit of an escape from reality for my readers,” she says. “I also focus a lot on positivity and self-love. I want my blog readers to always leave feeling encouraged and empowered to embrace their uniqueness.”
Lab says that there may be a secret project in the works for her blog, but you’ll have to stay tuned. She adds that you can also expect more travel content and more conscious fashion posts this year. 
To check out BG by Christina, visit You can also connect with her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. For those who are fashionably chic, you can find Lab on and under the username: violetheart.

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