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Bride-to-Be: You Have the Dress…What’s Next?

Congratulations on finding your dress! Finding the perfect dress that that not only reflects your personal style but also flatters your shape and is within your budget is not always easy.


Now that you have your perfect dress, you can start to plan your bridal party fashions.


Thankfully, the days of the awful bridesmaid styles that no one would willingly wear again are over! The selection of bridesmaid dresses and even tux options have come a long way. Below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect bridal party fashions that will complement your dress and make your life a whole lot easier.


Set a budget: 

First and foremost, find out how much your bridesmaids are willing to spend on their dress. Given the number of different styles of bridesmaid’s dresses, there are also a number of different price ranges. Before falling in love with certain styles, you need to know first how much everyone is comfortable spending.

Clear communication is the most important success factor when it comes to planning your bridal party’s fashions and that includes dress, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup. You don’t want to plan for something then have your party caught off guard with unaccounted for expenses.

Also, it’s important to check if the store you purchased your gown from offers discounts to your bridesmaids. At Elegant Bride, we offer 10% off our bridesmaid dresses to any brides who purchase from us.



Let go of myths:  

Unfortunately, nine times out of 10, no matter how cute or pretty your bridesmaid dresses are, your girls won’t wear it again. Once a dress is deemed a bridesmaid dress, it will always wear that label. 

Brides always say, “I want something my girls can wear again.” I totally get that and I would feel the same way, but unless it’s a classic black dress, don’t count on it being used again.  Even though your girls won’t wear it again, they’ll always think of the fabulous time they had at your wedding every time they see it!


Know your lead-time: 

It sometimes surprises people that bridesmaid dresses can take several months to come in after ordering. In some cases, you can buy dresses off the rack, but more often than not you’ll have to order the dress. 

This is really important when it comes to your girls that are coming from out of town. Again, clear communication is key. Let your bridesmaids know the date they must order their dress by in order for it to come in on time; and don’t fret if you do have out of town girls. All it takes is an easy phone call to the boutique you are ordering from with the accurate measurements and payment information to order the dress.


brideBe conscious of your bridesmaid’s body shapes: 

I know your wedding day is all about you, but it’s also important to take into consideration the shapes and sizes of your bridal party.

In the years I have been in the bridal industry, I have seen many different shapes, sizes and situations including pregnant bridesmaids or girls who swear that by the wedding they will be 30 pounds lighter.

As women, we want to look our best and be comfortable. Take into consideration that not everyone will feel comfortable in a plunging V-neck or a short maxi dress. With today’s fashions, there are many different flattering silhouettes for your bridal party to choose from.


Short vs. long:  

Many of my brides don’t know whether to choose short dresses or long dresses. Here’s an easy way to figure that out. If you are going for an elegant wedding that is more formal, then long is the way to go.  These are typically better for indoor venues and during the colder months.

When it comes to a spring or summer wedding, short tends to be the better choice. Ultimately it is your choice on what vibe you are going for. But, let’s be honest all your girls really care about and are thinking about is if they will be able to dance all night and look good for all those single groomsmen!


Have fun with your colors: 

When it comes to color options, there are quite a few.  If you don’t have a plan of action, it can be overwhelming. There are so many trends and with Pinterest, the options are endless.

Here is how I suggest navigating this maze. First, the boutique you buy from will have swatches for you to look at. Once you find the color you like, get a swatch to take with you. Not only will that help with the florist and other vendors, but it will also help you coordinate the groomsmen.

When it comes to picking complementary colors for your groomsmen, I suggest keeping it classic. A tuxedo or black suit goes with almost any color bridesmaid dress. If you are having a more laid back wedding, grey and tan suits are a very popular choice.

Here are some current color trends for 2014:



Have fun: 

Even though, this whole process can be very stressful, remember you still need to have fun with it. You can host color parties and serve wine and appetizers and turn bridesmaid fittings into fun weekend shopping trips. Every gal loves a reason for drinking wine and shopping! 


As always I am here for you with any questions you might have. Feel free to drop me a line at info@theelegantbride.comHappy Shopping!


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