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Bride-to-Be: 5 Tips for Shopping a Sample Sale

It’s that time of year again, ladies. It’s sample sale season! All of your local bridal salons are prepping for their fall collections to arrive, which means they must rid their shops of last seasons’ samples to make room for their new gowns.


To do this, many shops will hold a sample sale and dramatically lower prices on last season’s gowns to move them out of the store. Shopping a sample sale can save you hundreds of dollars and you can most likely find a gorgeous designer gown for only a fraction of what you would normally pay!


To help you navigate the sample sale world, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Know what you’re looking for and have a plan: We recommend calling the store you are visiting before the sale to get a better understanding of what dresses will be available including sizes, colors and shapes. With so much to choose from, a sample sale can be overwhelming. Let the store be a resource for you before sale day so that when you go in, you have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for.


Wear comfortable clothes: Many salons, especially smaller ones, won’t have fitting room space for all brides. Therefore, it’s best to wear clothes that can allow you to slip on a wedding dress over your clothes or modest undergarments such as tank tops and leggings.


Bring only 2-3 people: Again, since many boutiques are small and there will be lots of women, I recommend only bringing two or three people with you. This eliminates potential crowding in the store and allows both you and the other brides the ability to browse the store more easily.


Don’t come on an empty stomach: It might sound silly, but brides running low on energy aren’t going to have the best experience. If your mind is wandering away to thinking about a sandwich, you will be unfocused on finding the best deal and your perfect dress!


Be punctual: Most girls arrive at sample sales right when the doors open. Because of this, if you wait to come later in the day it’s possible there will not be as large of a selection available. I recommend coming early to find the best deal.


Enjoy it: Remember, shopping for your wedding dress is supposed to be an experience you will never forget. Even if you attend a sample sale, you can still have a great experience.
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