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Bride-to-Be: Wedding Accessories

UntitledYou’ve got your perfect dress and picked the perfect complementary dresses for your bridesmaids. What’s next? Your accessories, of course!


Believe it or not, choosing the right accessories for yourself and your wedding party can sometimes be more difficult than choosing the dresses.


Here are a few tips to help you top off your look as the bride perfectly:


Know your colors: Before you pick out any jewelry, you will want to be sure you are looking only for the types of jewelry that will complement the shade of your dress. For example, if your dress is white, pearls are more complementary because gold would clash with a pure white gown. However, ivory gowns are complemented well with gold jewelry because of the yellow undertones.


Know your neckline: I love seeing brides who wear a strapless or sweartheart neckline skip the necklace and focus on big, bold earrings. This brings attention to your neck and looks gorgeous. For v-neck gowns, a simple string of pearls always provides a beautiful, elegant look. For halter gowns, tread lightly with necklaces. You do not want most of the attention to be around your neck.

Choosing a great earring can help shift the focus. For earrings, a light shade of a color from your wedding is a great way to pull your look together. You can also think about meaninful colors, like your birthstone.


CBUS_CPHOTODon’t forget your hair: Often times, you can put accessories in your hair that provide just the right amount of bling your’re looking for and skip the extra necklace or bracelet. Crystal hairpins, headbeads and hairpieces complement several styles ranging from buns to loose ponytails.


Less is more; It’s important to not overdo it. You don’t want your bling to take away from your dress. The bling should complement the dress. If ever in doubt, just remember the basics: a strand of pearls, a diamond pendent or a tennis bracelet.


Now that you have your accessories picked out, it’s time to talk bridesmaids jewelry. For many brides, this is the gift she will give her girls for being in the wedding.


Keep it consistent: It may seem controlling to have all your bridesmaids wear the same jewelry, but girls with different accessory selections can really throw off the entire look of a wedding. For instance, if one girl wears large gold hoop earrings, and another girl wears pearl studs, the clash will be noticeable in photographs. It’s important to ensure all bridesmaids are wearing the same or at least similar pieces.

Also, keep in mind that smaller, more conservative choices such as pearl studs are likely to photograph better as opposed to larger jewelry, which will have to appear in large quantities.   


Complement the dresses: Just like your wedding gown, you will want to make sure the bridesmaid’s jewelry is also complementary to their gown. Necklaces should not dangle past the top of the dress fabric. Short earrings are best for high dress necklines and bracelets are excellent choices for bare wrists.


Go basic: When selecting your bridesmaid’s jewelry, it’s important to select a modern, basic piece that she will wear again. We already covered that she may or may not wear her dress again, but jewelry, she will definitely stash that away for second use! You can never go wrong with the basics like pearls or a diamond pendent.


As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions at info@theelegantbride.comI hope you’re getting excited about your big day!


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