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Bright Benefit on the Summer Solstice

Unknown copyThe summer solstice, June 21, marks the longest day of the year, with the sun shining for an approximate 16 hours. So, why not put this extra sunlight to use by doing what you love and honoring those suffering from Alzheimer’s or caretakers of those with the disease?


“The Longest Day” is an event that will occur on the summer solstice that invites people of all ages to participate in an activity he or she loves for a duration of 16 hours, fundraising $100 per hour that will go towards raising awareness and furthering the Alzheimer’s Association’s cause.


If 16 hours seems a bit too long, you can form groups of friends or even strangers online and divide the day, allowing teammates to cover some portions and you the rest.


“The Longest Day” falls on the summer solstice not only to utilize every moment of the day for this worthy cause, but also as a dedication to nonstop hours caretakers devote to those with Alzheimer’s or the never-ending reality of those suffering from it.


So, whether it’s doing yoga, reading, cooking, playing cards, or running, devote yourself for the day to a great cause while having a blast under the Cbus sun!


To participate click here.



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