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Bringing Beauty to You

Not having to travel to get your nails, hair, and makeup done can relieve some unnecessary stress on your big day. Columbus Traveling Beauty Team will come to wherever you are to help make the day as stress free as possible.


Christine Carpenter, founder of Columbus Traveling Beauty Team has been doing hair since 1991. Through her experience working at many salons with many great people, she decided one day she wanted to put her own traveling team together with ladies who were great makeup artists, great at doing hair and also a pleasure to work with.

Christine Carpenter, Founder of CTBT

Christine Carpenter, Founder of The Columbus Beauty Traveling Team


“We are up to date on the latest hair treatments that can help brides before or after their wedding,” says Carpenter.


With three different levels of hair stylist and two levels of makeup artists, Columbus Traveling Beauty Team are a group of independent hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail professionals that travel around Ohio to those seeking hair and beauty help for weddings, special occasions and corporate events. Many of the artists have done special events for Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline.


“We hate to have to say no to a bride, so we do try to work in as many brides as we can on a weekend,” explains Carpenter.

They have set different price levels for hair and makeup services in both airbrush and traditional to meet every brides budget. The team makes sure to help at least five large wedding parties a weekend.


“Our inspiration comes from going to many classes, looking at Pinterest, and checking out wedding/beauty blogs.”


Since many brides bring pictures of hair and makeup they like from Pinterest, the artists make sure to stay up to date with the current popular styles. The artists are also always looking at the latest magazine to see what is trending, because most likely, brides will come in asking about those as well.

The Columbus Beauty Traveling Team has offered gift certificates on 93.3 and will soon be offering them on 610wtvn. They are also planning on expanding their team in the future so they can travel even more, event outside of Ohio.


For more information check out the team’s website here, their Facebook page or their Twitter page.

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