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Bustle 101

Ladies, it’s time to talk bustles. You found your perfect dream dress and all the great accessories. Now, how the heck are you going to dance all night in that ballroom gown? With a bustle, of course!


You might be surprised to learn that there are a few different options for you to choose from. From simple to elaborate, your alterations provider can work with you to create a bustle that complements your gown, your personal style and of course your figure. Your bustle should help you still enjoy your dress while dancing and greeting all of your guests.


The price of a particular bustle depends on a number of things including the length of your train and the number of bustle points needed to create the look. Your alterations provider will be able to provide a more accurate quote during your fitting.


Bustle Options 

  • Over Bustle: This is perfect for full gowns with long trains. The look is created by gathering the train and attaching it to various places over the skirt fabric.
  • Under Bustle: Just like the over bustle, this type gathers the train and attaches it under the skirt fabric with hidden buttons. This creates a single or double fold at the back of the skirt. This type is perfect for A-line dresses.

  • Royal Bustle: If you’re feeling sexy and romantic, try this one for a fresh look. This type of bustle gathers the train and hooks it onto the back of the dress in multiple folds.  

  • Ballroom Bustle: This kind of bustle breaks all the rules. Fastening the train in several points across the bottom of the dress creates this bustle and gives the dress the illusion of having no bustle. This type is perfect for the bride looking for a chic and sleek look.

Learn something new? I hope so! As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions at I hope you’re getting excited about your big day!


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