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Camp And Circumstance

Amy Gillespie - Campfire Experience Amy Gillespie is the mother to a curious and kind three-year-old, and wife to a fellow music festival lover and entreprenuer. She spent the majority of her professional career in Brand Strategy, Marketing, and Advertising. Personally, she always felt like I was a square peg in a round hole trying to fit into corporate environments, and never quite feeling comfortable in suits and cubicles.


“It was like there was something greater then me pulling me toward this idea I would describe to friends and confidants as The Campfire Experience,” Gillespie says.


After having her baby, Gillespie still wanted to camp at music festivals and state parks, but the companies out there were not appealing to her. No one offered travel to these locations with the added style and comfort she craved and knew existed in other parts of the world. So in 2015, she laid the foundation of the business and officially launched, in January of this year, The Campfire Experience.


The Campfire Experience is a luxury adventuring brand that focuses on curating unique experiences and magical moments. They offer vintage inspired teardrop campers and furnished Bell tents for rent to free spirits and adventurous souls who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for connection.


“We created The Campfire Experience for those who live in the moment, for those who value experiences above possessions and for who wander and wonder,” Gillespie says and adds that, “our central mission is to help people connect. Connect with nature; with themselves; with other people.”


Campfire Experience When thinking back on creating The Campfire Experience, Gillespie recalls describing what she loved to a friend by saying, “I don’t necessarily love the ‘camping experience,’ but I love the ‘campfire experience.'”


“Those moments when all the work  of setting up camp is done and you can relax, feeling the warmth of the fire, hearing it crackle, listening to the hum of conversation or maybe even giving yourself a chance to sit quietly and reflect. There is just something so nostalgic, joyful, and grounding in those moments that they have become invaluable to me,” she adds.


Those moments can come in the form of their Bar and Lounge Tents – options for events that have spread like wildfire. Gillespie notes that they aren’t even listed as options on the website yet, but through word of mouth and Instagram, the demand for them has been unbelievable. People are using them for fundraising events, weddings, and private parties. It’s caused them to adjust our business a bit, as they;re already getting requests for weddings and events in 2017.


Group camping is by far the most popular choice. They have been asked to provide tent villages for weddings, birthdays, and music festivals. And The Campfire Experience team spends most of the year working with groups to create really memorable and cozy retreats that act as the capstone for celebrations.


But if that’s not your style, the teardrop camper is our most popular choice for couples that either are celebrating something special or simply want to get away. This is the go-to option because it’s often more convenient and allows the couple to pick-up and go somewhere without too much planning or foresight.


If you’re looking for some immediate Campfire Experience, check out their ever-growing list of events. On Sunday, they wrapped their last Campfire Session – intimate performances in unique spaces that are  recorded live. Gillespie says, “think of it as an acoustic set outdoors around a fire with your closest friends. That’s the vibe we try to recreate. Then we capture it on video, and send it out so that our guests can relive the evening and not worry about having to capture it on their phones. It allows them to be in the moment.”


As it gets colder, their is coming to a close. But they do have two events coming up with Goose Island Brewery in the next few weeks.  This Friday, The Campfire Experience has partnered with Goose Island on their Craft Beer Dinner Experience. There may be some tickets left, so check it out by clicking here. Then in a couple more weeks, they join Goose Island in Ashville, NC for a Farm to Table Beer Dinner. “These events are incredible and we have been so honored to have been part of their Migration Week series of events,” Gillespie adds.

Logo - Campfire Experience
After that, they’ ll be planning and finalizing even more events for next year – like more of their Campfire Sessions, which will be starting again in April. So if you don’t want to miss out, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @the_campfire_experience. And as always, be sure to check out their website for all their camping options, events, and blog: