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Capturing Memories of Furry Friends

SimplyDog-2918The camera is flashing and Leah is staring out of the window of a truck that perfectly matches her one crystal blue eye. This scene sounds like the perfect photo shoot that every high school senior is searching for. However, the subject has a bit more hair than the average high schooler and just so happens to be the beloved dog of owner Debbie Maerker.


Claudine Kosier, owner and founder of Simply Dog Photography has photographed Leah and countlessly many other dogs since the launching of Simply Dog in 2010.


“I want [clients] to think five years from now, when they are staring at that photo on their wall ‘that was such a cool day with my dog,’” says Kosier.


While Kosier brings happiness to her customers, both human and canine, Simply Dog’s beginnings were caused by a tragic event. The death of her twelve year old papillon, Tango, left Kosier missing not only her beloved dog but also memories of Tango that only photos could conjur.


The need for photos of Tango combined with a digital camera that Kosier’s husband gifted to her were all it took for Kosier to become inspired.


“After I lost [Tango], I needed to immerse myself into something. So, I decided to pull that camera back out and learn how to use it and I started to do workshops and shortly after that we had adopted two new dogs and started using them to practice taking pictures of them on my camera. That’s the only thing I went into this with,” explains Kosier.


Despite Simply Dog’s humble beginnings, Kosier’s photography stands out amongst others due to Kosier’s keen eye for her subjects’ personalities.


“If somebody said ‘I want to go down and shoot in Short North,’ okay let’s talk about your dog’s personality. If they’re super hard to get the attention of, or if they want to shoot multiple dogs, two to three dogs in a session, that’s going to be really difficult and I’ll try to move them into something else. I’ll ask, ‘Why don’t we shoot later in the week in a quieter area like this?’” explains Kosier.


Simply Dog client Mara Golitz attests to Kosier’s gift for knowing dogs well and letting that show through clients’ photos. “She really brought out my dog’s personality. I didn’t know how that was going to go because he’s kind of a really mellow golden retriever,” says Golitz.


In order to manifest her talents through Simply Dog, Kosier needed to overcome a lifelong fear. “When I first was thinking of my business, I was that person who would cross the street when they saw a pitbull. I didn’t like pit bulls; I didn’t like their reputation,” Kosier said. This mindset led Kosier to doubt whether or not pet photography would be the best career path. However, persuaded by her husband, Kosier continued to pursue photography open to all breeds.


Kosier said, “Literally, now [pitbulls are] one of the most photographed dogs that I have. You know what, I feel sorry for the stigma that’s on that breed. I think they’re so mistaken.”


Kosier gives back to the community in more ways than photographing all dog breeds. She volunteers by doing adoption portraits for local dog rescues including Peace for Paws and Central Ohio Dog Rescue League in hopes that their appeal will rise, allowing them to be adopted. Once adopted, owners get to enjoy a quality photo of their pet.


For Simply Dog clients, photos printed on metal wall hangings are a popular item, where the aluminum accentuates color even more.


While Simply Dog currently has no location, it will be opening its first office in Clintonville on High Street and plans to celebrate its opening this month. More details about the opening can be found on Simply Dog’s facebook page.



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