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Cascata Gifts

Cascata Gifts is an online-based gift boutique that sells gifts for all of life’s happenings.

The next time you’re in search of a gift for a loved one, you may want to consider Cascata Gifts. 

“Cascata’s mission is to make thoughtful gifting simple,” explains Founder Kristina Parsons. “We are a boutique gifting studio that offers high-end products customized to our clients’ needs.”

Cascata partners with responsibly-sourced, unique brands that use the highest quality ingredients and materials to make small-batch goods. 

“We work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations to create both intimate and large-scale gifting suites,” adds Parsons. “We can personalize any gift box to create the perfect gift for your loved ones or clients.”

Parsons says that it was her own life experiences and desire to help others through their experiences that inspired her to open Cascata Gifts. She says she’s seen loved ones experience triumph, joy, hardship, and loss – sometimes in the same year. After losing five aunts and uncles to cancer, she’s become passionate about fighting back against the disease that’s caused so many in her life to feel loss.

“In 2014, I had a best friend get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and at only 31, it was truly devastating,” says Parsons. “When she first began treatment, I was sending her flowers with every chemo or radiation treatment. Halfway through, she told me to stop sending flowers as she just had to throw them away as they are not permitted in the cancer treatment center. I had no idea, and started creating cancer care packages to send her. This past year, my boyfriend’s father passed away very suddenly. Never knowing what to say, I started creating care packages to him as well.”

As someone who wanted to share her joy and show her care at a time when words were not enough, she turned to gift giving. “I began curating thoughtful, unique, meaningful gifts, for shouting our joy from the rooftops and for pick-me-ups, too,” she says. “Cascata was born.”

At Cascata, you’ll find carefully curated gift boxes for all of life’s happenings – the good and the unexpected. 

Parsons says that with every gift order, she ensures that she takes the time to list to her clients and find what it is that would make the gift’s recipient feel special. “In an age of gift cards and flowers, we believe in making gestures that cultivate relationships,” she says. “Whether it is a corporate event, the loss of a loved one, a warrior fighting cancer, or the birth of a beautiful baby, let us help you make someone feel special.”

As for the future of Cascata Gifts, Parsons says that she’s currently in the process of launching a more user friendly site where visitors can choose from multiple curated boxes and also have the ability to design their own box. “We cannot wait for the launch,” she says.

To learn more about Cascata Gifts, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.


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