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GDC: Lengthen the Life of Your Wardrobe

Cbus Chic visits Good Day Columbus (click here to see the segment) to share tips and tricks for lengthening the life of your wardrobe, while saving hundreds annually.


The average American spent $2,000 on clothing and related services last year. Here’s how to save 10% of that or more:

  • Wash your clothes inside-out. That’s where most of the dirt is anyway, plus it keeps the washing machine wear and tear on the inside.
  • Don’t spray perfume on clothes. The alcohol breaks down the fibers in your clothes and jewelry.
  • Darken denim/black clothes when they start to fade with fabric dye.
  • Hand washing and air drying delicates saves your clothes and lots of money! It saves $150 annually if you wash and dry your one load of clothes weekly, plus it makes your delicates last 5-10 times longer. Click here to get a free sample of my favorite brand of fabric care wash, Forever New.
  • Remove pilling with razor.
  • So many items in our closet aren’t worn often enough because they don’t fit right. Plus, you can ruin your clothes by pinning or tugging at them all day. Quickly hem and fix a puckering blouse with Fashion Tape (love love love that stuff, plus their website has a lot of other helpful products).
  • Save your shoes from dry rot. Prevent that by putting a humidor hydration pack in the shoe box. Shoes need moisture to keep the fibers flexible. If you don’t wear them often – where they would get moisture from your skin and the environment – and they just sit on a shelf, they’ll get dry rotted quickly.



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