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Be in charge of your health and fitness learning about an organization that will bring you together with other women who share the same goals. Learn more about how to get involved and this month`s Merry CHAARGmas!


CHAARG Retreat September 2013. WILD & AIR photography.


While sitting in lecture at Ohio State University in spring of 2012 Elisabeth Tavierne came up with the idea of  CHAARG. “Honestly, it was an idea that came to me one day and I knew I had to start it, so I ran home and immediately wrote everything down.” CHAARG first started as a student organization at The Ohio State University in the same year.


What exactly is CHAARG? Tavierne tells us CHAARG , which stand for Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls, is an organization for women that aims to ignite passion for health and fitness. At $45 a semester, CHAARG is found available at a number of universities such as Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Dayton, Michigan and Pittsburgh University.


“As a CHAARG member, you have access to incredible workout classes on and off campus, plus you will meet other women who share the same passion for health and fitness as you.” explains Tavierne.


CarCacheISACHAARG has a number of events they put on for members every week that include main events as well as smaller more personal group events. “Main events are the events we are most known for. A group fitness instructor from a local or nationally known studio comes to campus & leads in a workout,” says Tavierne. CHAARG held their first National Retreat this past September. “It was a way for members from different chapters to interact with a week full of fun and fitness.” Tavierne also explained that it was a way for all members from different chapters to interact and get to know one another. “We had a great time.”


With over 1,000 members CHAARG continues to expand and affect many members in a positive way. “CHAARG isn’t just an organization that hands out a free tank top & sends you on your way – it’s a lifestyle & attitude towards fitness that extends well beyond a student organization,” explains a member to Tavierne. Starting January 2014, they will be expanding to four more universities including; Indiana, Toledo, Xavier and the University of Maryland.


CHAARG is also playing into the holiday spirit with plenty of giveaways this month. “The entire month of December is deemed CHAARGmas on all of our social media sites – it will be all things holiday, sparkly + CHAARG-ified.”


Plenty of variety for every from preferences to food, fun and a good workout plan can be found on their website here.



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