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Chic Peek Saturday: Dyetology

Dyetology is a line of unique, hand-dyed accessories and apparel using the most amazing, super soft, high quality natural fibers like Rayon, Bamboo-Rayon, and Silk-Rayon… all founded and designed by Jackie Ayres in Columbus, Ohio.
She’s a former fashion industry corporate climber who decided to create her own brand and fashion line — and it’s like nothing else seen or felt before.
Jackie starts with natural fibers. She says it’s because they take the dye amazingly well and as a result, the colors end up rich and vibrant — and they stay that way. She uses permanent, professional grade dyes, chemicals, and detergents for durability and longevity of the item. Jackie says they also use natural fibers for the quality -natural fibers are breathable, durable, and feel better wearing them. I can personally attest – my Dyetology socks are so ridiculously soft! It’s also cool that each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind- so no 2 are the same! 
The Dyetology Spring/Summer line consists of tank tops, easy fitting tunic tops, several dress styles, scarves, maxi skirts, socks and headbands. They also do a mission project with our socks where for every pair purchased they donate a pair socks to a local homeless shelter. 
You can find Dyetology online at, on IG/FB/Twitter/Pinterest all under “Dyetology”. You can also see Dyetology in person at one of the many local art shows and events they do. See the event page on their website.

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