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Chic Review: Skin Perfect 

I started off my visit to Skin Perfect actually on their website, where you select your skin type/skin issues you’d like help with and then it customizes recommendations from there.
I opted to get one of their exfoliating facials that includes dermaplaning, which if you haven’t tried it before it’s the BEST. Basically, it’s a precise form of exfoliation using a special tool that sloughs off that top layer of dead skin cells and removes all the peach fuzz that can make your skin look dull. Afterwards your skin looks so clean, dewey and fresh … and your makeup goes on so smooth.
After the facial, I got a color analysis to find which best colors look best on me. I learned so much and it was amazing to see all the different colors draped on me — and how they made me look so different when they taught me what to look for!
After I learned what my best colors were and got a swatch to go home with to remember them, I decided to have them make me some custom makeup. Yes, they MAKE custom-order makeup for you. They blend a color that perfectly matches your tone, and you can customize everything else about it too — like adding in SPF, or extra moisturizer, the thickness for how much coverage you want, and the texture – so if you like more of a creamy or a whipped texture, they can make a product that blend all your favorite things about all the other products you’ve ever tried all into one!
Then they apply your beautiful new makeup and send you home with any of the skincare or makeup you want to take with you from their SkinPerfect or Colore Me Perfect lines.
To learn more, visit their website

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