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Chic Spotlight: Dublin Women’s Philanthropic Club

Cbus Chic: What is the Dublin Women’s Philanthropic Club (DWPC)?
Sharon Zimmers, Past President of Dublin Women’s Philanthropic Club: The DWPC is a nonprofit organization that promotes education and charitable causes. DWPC seeks to bring about civic betterment and provide opportunities for women to connect with other women.

Cbus Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Zimmers: The club was started in April of 1978 with a group of women who had been associated with the Dublin YWCA but believed there was a need for a stand-alone club to bring women together and to serve the motto “Working Together We Grow.”

Cbus Chic: Who’s behind it?
Zimmers: Members include those with children in the school system, women new to the community, and women who have retired but still want to be involved in charitable events.


Cbus Chic: What types of events do you host?
Zimmers: The club holds speaker meetings, social gatherings, as well as philanthropic events.
One example, we partnered with a local nonprofit to label soap bars with contact information of local resources for those trapped in human trafficking. The soap bars were placed in female restrooms around the Columbus area during major events

Another example of our meetings is a partnership with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, members decorated tote bags for local children in foster care. Often this is the only possession they may have if they need to go to another family in the foster system.

Cbus Chic: Who do your events benefit?
Our philanthropic activities raise money to provide scholarships and grants for graduating high school seniors who are in need of financial assistance, a scholarship for females who want to pursue a higher education in the STEM field, a nursing scholarship, and for women in the greater Columbus area who are going back to school for training or a degree but are struggling financially.

Cbus Chic: What makes the Dublin Women’s Philanthropic Club unique?
The economy may be good, but many women are working in lower paying jobs because they don’t have the skills or training to do otherwise. Our mission is to provide women with the financial assistance so they can determine their own destiny.

Cbus Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for your organization?
We are creating a variety of interest groups for women. Possible groups include book clubs, golf leagues, and other volunteer activities.

Cbus Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
DWPC has a website at We welcome all women even if they do not live in Dublin. However, most of our activities are geared for Dublin.




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