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Chic Spotlight: Kristen Lepionka

Kristen Lepionka, author of the Roxane Weary mystery series

Cbus Chic: You recently released a new book, “What You Want to See.” Can you tell us more about it?
Kristen Lepionka, Author of the Roxane Weary mystery series: The second book in the Roxane Weary private investigator mystery series, What You Want to See, opens with a case that seems run-of-the-mill–Roxane’s trying to prove her client’s fiancee is cheating on him. When the woman is murdered, it turns out that she has a whole lot of secrets, and they all come tumbling out in a web of fraud, violence, and familial enmity.

Cbus Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the new book?
Lepionka: Without giving any spoilers, I can say that the premise for the book started with the idea of con artists–thieves who get innocent people to willingly hand over their money, as opposed to thieves who steal in the shadows. It takes a special kind of cold-heartedness to lie to someone’s face like that, I think. As this is the 2nd Roxane Weary mystery, I wanted her next case to feel different than the first book but still have the same energy.

Cbus Chic: Why did you choose Columbus as the backdrop for your book?
Lepionka: I love Columbus! I grew up here, and there aren’t many novels set here–I always wondered why. It’s a great setting for a mystery series because we have big-city crime surrounded by cornfields, which makes for interesting tension–and that’s at the heart of every story, tension.

Cbus Chic: What makes your second book in the series so unique?
Lepionka: Roxane Weary is a unique protagonist for a few reasons. She’s a complicated woman, which is something you don’t see often enough in crime fiction (female characters aren’t always given the same richness as male characters in crime fiction). What does “complicated” mean? Mostly that she is both tough and vulnerable, not one or the other. She is also bisexual, which is something that I, as a queer mystery reader, always wanted to see but never did.

Cbus Chic: Can you share more information with us about your upcoming book signing?
Lepionka: We’re hosting a launch party (all are welcome!) on Friday, May 4 at 7 pm, at Gramercy Books!

Cbus Chc: Where can readers go to learn more about you and your series?
Lepionka: Visit I’m also on Facebook and Instagram.


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