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Chic Spotlight: Nourished with Nina

Cbus Chic: What is Nourished with Nina?
Nina Boyce, Founder of Nourished with Nina: Nourished with Nina is a holistic coaching practice that focuses specifically on women’s hormonal health. My coaching programs center around total hormonal wellness — mind, body, and spirit. Together, we incorporate nutritional modifications and stress reduction techniques, as well as a blend of reiki energy healing principles for deeper guidance and healing! 

Cbus Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Boyce: I came to this work after years of struggling with anxiety, chronic fatigue, period pain, acne… you name it. It felt like my entire body was working against me and I had no idea where to turn. After landing myself in the doctor’s office numerous times, and struggling to find the answers I was looking for, I decided to experiment with  holistic healing methods to get to the root of my conditions. It was the best decision I have ever made! As I started to transform my health, and my passion for holistic health began to grow, I received my coaching certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and launched my practice.

Cbus Chic: Who’s behind it?
Boyce: I am the sole owner of my business.

Cbus Chic: What types of items/products/services do you offer?
Boyce: My most popular program is the 4-month coaching program. I meet with my clients 1:1 for 10 sessions. We deep dive into their specific nutrition needs and lifestyle modifications. What makes this program unique is that we incorporate elements of reiki energy healing and I include two tarot readings for further guidance and healing. I also offer 30-minute, standalone tarot readings. Clients can also work through my free 14-Day Gut Reboot to jumpstart the digestion and begin the process of healing their hormones on their own!

Cbus Chic: What makes Nourished with Nina unique?
Boyce: My coaching is unique because we address the entire body: using a blend of nutrition and stress reduction techniques, reiki energy healing principles, and even tarot cards for deeper guidance! I combine my education in holistic health and hormones with a huge dose of intuition to create a personalized and approachable coaching experience for my clients.

Cbus Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Boyce: Yes! I have a huge women in wellness event happening in Columbus on Sept 21. Empowered Voice is an event bringing together 200 women from the Midwest and beyond, with all content focusing on encouraging women to feel empowered in sharing their voice and unique messages with the world. We’re honored to have secured some of the most inspiring women currently lighting up the wellness scene to speak at this all-day conference! Readers can learn more here.

Cbus Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Boyce: They can follow along on my website,, on my Instagram, and they can tune-in to my podcast, Finding Your Shine.

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