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Chic Spotlight: Styles for the Aisle


Cbus Chic: Tell us a little about Styles for the Aisle!

Owner and hair stylist, Amanda Walter: Styles for the Aisle provides onsite styling for your special events, mostly weddings and proms. I have been in the salon industry for 19 years and I always stay up to date on the latest styles and accessories.


Cbus Chic: How did you get started?

Walter: My mother owned a hair salon in Bellefountaine Ohio, so you could say I was raised in the salon.  When I was just a toddler I was sweeping the floors and flirting with the patrons. Not much has changed; I still love making people smile. I graduated from Tiffin Academy of Hair Design in 1995 and trained at one of the top salons in Columbus.



Cbus Chic: What inspires you?

Walter: I never get tired of making people feel beautiful. I love the reactions I get when clients get the first glimpse of their new style.



Cbus Chic: What makes your business different?

Walter: I am not a franchise or a chain.  If you book an event with me, you get me. I have assistants that help prepare your hair, but I am the one that puts your hair up and adds the finishing touch.



Cbus chic: How has your business grown?

Walter:  I have added more assistants and opened my schedule at the salon for more trials. I keep getting more clients through referrals from past clients and other vendors, so I must be doing something right.



Cbus Chic: What is new on the horizon for your business?

Walter: New styles and accessories. I am always taking classes to keep up.


Cbus Chic: Where can people find out more about Style for the Aisle?

Walter: Our website at!


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