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Chic Style: Custom Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Senses awake from their slumber as vibrant colors and bright sounds paint the world, announcing spring’s arrival. This awakening beckons women to shake off the dull lifeless colors of winter and exchange these drab shades for hues reflective of the newly-budding season.


As women thumb through their favorite style magazines perusing for inspiration, it can be overwhelming and quite deflating viewing the extravagant runway looks that aren’t conducive to the lives of mere mortals. Yet, take a deeper look at the essence of these 2015 spring couture collections and you’ll find there is a way to customize your own look that still adheres to rules established by these world-renowned brands.


Fashion House: Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier’s Spring 2015 show displayed a twist on the traditional nuptial sartorial. Dominated by timeless pairing of black and white, this collection turns wedding wear into a daytime look. Satin white trousers coupled with a black tuxedo jacket, topped off with a white ruffled lining reveals the flippant.

Customize It: While it will never be acceptable to free your wedding dress from its heirloom packaging and wear it to your company dinner party, Gaultier has offered some options that are very doable. It is with certainty that everyone has worn black and white, but this designer offers liberties to mix textures and fabrics in unexpected ways. Grab a black and silver tweed skirt and drape it with a white silk blazer for a demure and classy look.


Fashion House: Valentino

Channeling a traditional Dutch or Norwegian aesthetic, Valentino’s spring runway flaunted a neutral pallet containing various shades of tan, beryl and olive with minimal bold colors. Playing off this muted canvas was an assortment of patterns – patterns that very literally covered models from head to toe. Some designs were carried throughout an entire outfit while other looks juxtaposed very discordant prints.

Customize It: It takes a bold one to mix patterns but the spring is as good a time as any to take this daring move. Start simple by mixing a faintly polka dotted blouse with a striped skirt. Keep the colors neutral so as not to add more layers to an already-advanced scheme.


Fashion House: Atelier Versace

Consider Versace’s spring couture line an ode to the female form. Fitted, cutout pieces in audacious colors dominated the runway of this show. Daring splits, high hemlines and peek-a-boo midsections accentuated the sensual curves of the female physique, automatically eliciting a reaction from anyone viewing these brave pieces.

Customize It: This season, be comfortable in your own skin. Advocating to “bare all” is a bit far-fetched but in the same breath profusely covering up has gone with the snow. Instead of opting for that overly-worn shift dress, grab the “bodycon” dress you adored in the store and brought home only to store it on the shelf. Feeling a bit conspicuous? Layer with a fitted jacket for a touch of modesty. It’s about dressing in a way that allows you to confidently celebrate yourself.


Fashion House: Chanel Dior

Drama meets edge in Dior’s newest collection; sequins to beads, patterns to color, and all things in-between. Feminine silhouettes accented by embroidered hemlines offered added detail to keep the viewer engaged. Shifting quickly to shirts reminiscent of Picasso paintings, Dior left no stone unturned in this quest to push the envelope.

Customize It

Dior’s collection seems to give permission to dress according to how you feel. If while dressing for a night out you mood calls for a fun skirt with an array of multicolored sequins don’t be afraid to answer that call and step out to paint the town in all manners of reds, oranges and purples. Life doesn’t always offer the opportunity to be flamboyant in your fashion so, when it does, don’t inhibit yourself. Go for the adventure and see how much fun you can have with what’s in your closet.


To view these collections and others, visit Vogue, the fashion mecca itself. Take a look, note the cues and let inspiration be your guide.