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Chic Style: Look Good, Feel Good

Say “sayonara” to sweats! Our style guru offers easy tips for looking fashionable as you head out the door for any kind of fitness. Learn more about her top picks here!


“Look good, feel good” is a motto I always strive to live by. Usually if you look good, you feel good, and vice versa. I apply this to whatever occasion I may be going to or taking part in, whether it’s work, the gym, out for dinner or date night. Really, I think about what I’m putting on my body every single time I walk out my door. If you dress for the part, people take you more seriously, and better yet, you look like you belong. Use the way you dress to be the person you want to be.


It’s the reason people wear suits to an interview, right? Most don’t wear a suit during every day work life, but wearing one to an interview shows that you’re professional, you mean business, and that you want the job. Same goes for the gym although of course, you wear gym clothes because they are comfortable, durable and made for that type of activity. Still, you want to pick pieces that look good and make you feel the same. Yes, it may be funny that I think through my outfit for the gym, but if I’m wearing something that I feel isn’t flattering or that makes me feel self-conscious, then I definitely won’t want to be there.


Now I’m sure most of you have resolutions that include some sort of physical activity, whether it is to lose weight, pick up yoga, tone up, get in better physical or mental shape, try out a new type of workout class, be more active or just to improve your overall health. I know I have one. If you’re feeling great while working out, you’re most apt to stick to the goals and resolutions that you have put in place for yourself. I’m not saying you should be spending a ton of money to dress to the nines and match all the colors of your outfit when going to the gym, but just wearing things that look great on you and make you feel like a million bucks is the key. It works for me!


Below, I’ve picked out my top gym apparel and accessories that I turn to when I get ready to head out to the gym; pieces that are flattering, comfortable, effective, and that look great on.


  1. bkr Water Bottle: I absolutely love these water bottles because they are made of glass, and therefore, no chemicals or junk from a plastic water bottle. They are reusable, recyclable, and better yet, a portion of the proceeds go to a number of initiatives that help fight cancer, combat the global water crisis, and more. Plus, they’re just so cute (but not all have hearts if you are looking to buy one for your man).

  2. GapFit Half-Zip Jacket: I’m a lover of all things Gap, always have been, and their newer GapFit line is incredible. I would compare it to the quality of Lululemon, but of course much less expensive. Gap also has super frequent sales which is amazing. I own at least three of these half-zip jackets. They are very flattering, comfortable, and perfect for a chilly outdoor run.

  3. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant: These leggings are my go-to pant for so many different occasions. The great thing about these is that they not only are great for working out, but they are perfect with boots and a big cozy sweater, or even heels! You can dress them up or down and either way they look great. They are also extremely slimming and long enough for literally anyone to wear. I probably wear them at least every other day in the cooler months.

  4. Nike Tech Fleece Cape: This fleece hoodie is the perfect post-workout piece. I love high-low feel it has with the cropped front but longer back. Stylish, but warm and comfortable at the same time, this hoodie is next on my “to buy” list. It also comes in Red and Black.

  5. Mizuno Wave Enigma 3: Mizuno makes my absolute favorite cross-training and running shoes. They offer the exact support you need, with three different types of cushioning, three different types of structure (support), the option of a wide or narrow foot bed, and they’re pretty cool looking too, aren’t they?

  6. Lucy Track Goddess Tank: If you love Lululemon, and haven’t yet heard of Lucy, you definitely need to try this brand out. They have a great variety of clothing with tons of different styles of tanks, jackets, pants, shorts, and the list goes on. I love a good supportive tank like the Track Goddess Tank, because it’s perfect for a number of different activities. The only unfortunate thing is, there is no Lucy store in Ohio, so you’ll have to order online.

  7. Beats by Dre urBeats Earphones: I’ve never been a fan of the huge bulky headphones that some people wear, especially since I like to run often and I couldn’t imagine running with those huge things on my head! There is nothing like a good, in-head earphone that blocks out all the noise around you. Beats by Dre are one of the best options out there to let you focus on your tunes and not be distracted by all of excess noise in your workout setting. These are lightweight, and durable. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth it!

  8. Old Navy Side-Mesh Running Shorts: These shorts couldn’t be a better price (right now they’re on sale for $10). I’d rather splurge on a great pair of leggings or a jacket than running shorts, which is why these are my top pick.

  9. Champion Racer Bra: I’ll admit I’m a bit of a Target junkie. You can find the best hidden gems in that store, which is where I found these sports bras. They’re light weight and super supportive, and they’re under $20! Who wants to spend an insane amount on a sports bra anyway?


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