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Chic Style: Valentines For Your Valentine


Valentines for your Valentine

As we trudge through the gray monotony of winter, women of all ages eagerly await the ray of sunshine that will brighten their hearts and light up their eyes; this reprieve is not the onset of spring but the approach of the ever-romantic Valentine’s Day. A day where couples traipse about hand in hand and trinkets of adoration flow in abundance. However, for all the hours men spend lavishing their partners with gifts, they don’t always receive the same time and dedication. This Valentine’s Day, show your valentine some love by giving him some trendy pieces he is sure to love:


Watches have become more than just a utilitarian item and have transformed into ultimate gadgets and fashion pieces in their own right. By incorporating an array of materials and eccentric color combinations, the perfect watch is just what men need to proclaim their individuality. Check out the MVMT and Wood Watches sites to peruse modern styles.


InsightlyWomen are not alone in their love for shoes and these days men have some pretty spectacular options available. If your guy is more urban chic, a versatile pair of boots is a must-have. A pair of sleek chocolate or midnight leather boots with thoughtful details – wingtips, suede accents and the like – will accentuate any outfit and can be dressed up or down. For those who are a touch conservative you can’t go wrong with oxfords. Grab canvas oxfords for an ultra-casual look; or give your guy a touch of exclusivity with an eclectic pair of patterned shoes. With such a variety of styles available, there’s bound to be an oxford your partner will love.


Some men may be making strides to define their personal style – if this is the case for your special someone, no guy can resist the timeless tie. In the professional world, the right tie will never go out of style and the options are as endless as your imagination: thick, thin, striped, plaid, polka dots, orange, green and a host of other permutations. The fun thing about this gift is you can find it almost anywhere you shop. For some especially trendy and affordable neckpieces, check out the nearest Nordstrom Rack.


And for the man that’s too difficult to shop for, sometimes the most “fashionable” gift to give is a gift card – it never goes out of style and has no constraints. Whatever you choose, take a moment to let your guy know he’s loved…even if we secretly know Valentine’s Day is all about the girls.