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City Cuisine to Savor

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“We were seeing so many exciting and unique things happening in the food scene, and we felt like there was a need for someone to connect people with the many exceptional but often somewhat hidden culinary experiences,” says Bethia Woolf, founder of Columbus Food Adventures.


Starting with only three tours in 2010, The Columbus Food Adventures has since expanded to nine tours. Creating the best experience and creating enjoyable tour menus, options can be chosen whether you would like to take a walking tour, a van-based tour, or a special events tour. All of them include five to seven unique food stops with a personalized and unforgettable experience.


“The neighborhood walking tours are held in the Short North and German Village, and the van-based tours include taco trucks, other food trucks, Alt Eats (ethnic) restaurants, and dessert. Special event tours are tours that for one reason or another are run on a less frequent basis, and include the Coffee Tour, the Meat Lovers Tour, and the Local Foods Week Tours,” explains Woolf. Samples are given at each place and will have you craving for more with the deliciousness at each stop!


Before starting the business, Woolf played many roles in her life working as a banker, a teacher, a rowing coach, and a Himalayan expedition guide. Her food blogs came before the business and set motivation in getting started, recognizing only the best and finest cuisine in Central Ohio. The very first blog Woolf started was Taco Trucks Columbus, which arose from a Latin American Geography class Woolf took as an elective at Ohio State University.


“As we found more taco trucks, we became more and more enamored with the cuisine, and wanted to provide the trucks the exposure we felt they deserved,” explains Woolf. Alt Eats Columbus, was brought upon after observing many small immigrant kitchens, found in the same parts of town as the taco trucks. “They were making exceptional food while flying almost totally under the radar,” says Woolf. Street Eats Columbus was inspired by innovative cuisine in the city that many food truck owners were creating.


With the great passion Woolf has for the cities food and beverage scene she began her newest expansion in the business this year in September, Columbus Brew Adventures. “My business partner, Jim Ellison, and I wanted it to be a platform to show off the explosive growth of craft microbrewing in the city,” explains Woolf.


Although only a month old, Columbus Brew Adventures already has a Downtown Brewery Tour, Grandview Brewery Tour, a Licking County Brewery Tour,  and a meet the brewers and Distillery Tour. In addition, there is a Southeast Ohio Tour found in Athens, Ohio. “Brewers are a charismatic lot, so taking people to talk with them and sample the fruits of their labor seemed like a sensible and enjoyable thing to do,” says Woolf.


Woolf is also a board member of Slow Food Columbus and Dine Originals Columbus, judges food competitions regularly, and is a co-host of a weekly radio show WCBE Foodcast.


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Photo Credit: Barb Schwartz

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