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Conserving with Alexis Wilson

Alexis WilsonAlexis Wilson was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Manhattan. She later went on the become a professional dancer. Today, Wilson boasts an array of titles from author, speaker, producer, to writing mentor. Cbus Chic talked with Wilson about this past year, including her projects, talks, and even what she’s looking towards for 2016.


Wilson tells Cbus Chic, “the highlights of 2015 have been the start of my next book that I’m writing with my children, called Conversations With My Daughters.” The book, which celebrates the mother/daughter relationship, is underway and Wilson is planning a book and speaking event at her alma mater, Carnegie-Mellon University.


She is also creating a new service as a Memoir Mentor that she’ll offer to other writers who need help writing their own stories.


DaniCandi_CBUSAnd while Wilson does speaking events all over the country, as well as other projects in New York, it’s her time her in Columbus that she finds most of her work. She says, “here in Columbus, I find myself involved with a steady mix of projects. From doing mini presentations of what will become my one-woman show, to future collaborations with my husband, Byron Stripling (renowned trumpet player and Artistic Director of The Columbus Jazz Orchestra) with my producing or direction hat on.”


As Wilson reflects on 2015, she is also looking towards this upcoming year where she publish the book with her daughters and expand her Memoir Mentor service. She is also collaborating with a team to create “a documentary celebrating my father’s work and artistic contributions,” she shares. Her father, Billy Wilson, was an internationally celebrated ballet and broadway choreographer.


To learn more about Alexis Wilson, visit her online at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter: @AWilsonbook. And be sure to catch her upcoming reading at Java Central in Westerville around the end of January/beginning of February.