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Deep Fried Freckles

A local artist started an illustration blog called “Deep Fried Freckles” as a way for followers to indulge in art and guilty pleasures. Learn more on how the blog was just the beginning for this budding artist.  


IMG_6792“I thought the name was a perfect way to describe the quirkiness of the blog while also being a place where you can indulge on art and guilty pleasures,” explains Malia Carter of Deep Fried Freckles. Wanting to indulge her artistic side, Carter created Deep Fried Freckles in May 2011 to share her personal illustrations and side projects. 


Much of her inspiration behind comes from bloggers and celebrities she follows on social media, giving her inspiration for outfits, beauty routines and daily living. “Although I have never met these people, I feel a connection with them and their photos  and I wanted to do the same with my art,” says Carter.


Carter believes her blog is different from others because her illustrations are able to capture the true essence of who a person is. “I am a very sincere person and I think this is shown in my work,” she says. “My illustrations are heartfelt because I try to get to know the person before I paint them so I can really capture who they are.” Carter finds herself drawn to painting bloggers and local artists because they are a “down-to-earth” reflection of the fashion industry.


Along with her blog, she partakes in many endeavors, from blogging and illustrating for several companies, to currently illustrating two books: All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe: A Fashion Editor’s Rules on Shopping for Love and Chic-tionary: The Little Book of Fashion Faux-cabulary with author Stephanie Simons and Skyhorse Publishing.

Carter has many goals including expanding Deep Fried Freckles into a  shop with clothing, calendars, cellphone cases and stationary items. She also hopes to continue illustrating books due to her love of making “the pages come to life.” Carter hopes to use her talents and skills to guide people with what they want to do. “Eventually I hope to reach a level of success where I return to the Columbus College of Art and Design and speak with students who are interested in pursuing a career in illustration,” explains Carter.


CBUS_CPHOTOWhen asked about how her individuality has impacted her life, Carter admits that her artistry greatly impacts the way she sees the world. “I am an idealist,” says Carter. “I tend to see the world with rose-tinted glasses which has hurt me in the past but I think it is one of my best qualities, especially with being an artist where you are constantly rejected and criticized.”


When Carter attended the Columbus public schools, the art programs did not share the same quality as the private schools. Carter admits that she used paper mache and Crayola crayons until her senior year of high school. Still, it did not deter her from going down the path she wanted.


“I never allow my shortcomings to hold me back,” says Carter. “My ambition to be more than a stereotype or statistic has pushed me to achieve my goals.”


Learn more about Carter and Deep Fried Freckles here.


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