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Dining With Darwish: Staying FIT with Fit Food Columbus

Our food columnist shares a new innovative food service that provides fresh meals delivered right to your door! Read on for more.


Gluten Free Lasagna

“Necessity breeds ingenuity,” nothing could be closer to the truth for Fit Food Columbus” says Co-Founder Channing Centeno, “We both work in the Downtown/Short North area, we’re around here a lot, we wanted a nice healthy option that was convenient and affordable, and we talked about it all the time, we think about different things we could eat, but we couldn’t really find a solution for it.”


Then in mid January 2014, Centeno and partner Eric Hayes launched the innovative food service to fill that gap; Fit Food provides fresh meals to enjoy at home, prepped and delivered to your door, all with a click of a mouse. The company’s mission is to save you time, money and stress, so you can spend more time on what’s important-eating well.


“[The name] sums up what we want our brand to be about, healthy foods,” says Centeno. “First and foremost our main priority is putting out a great product, for our ‘Fit Food’s…’ We’re very focused on the quality…”


According to their Facebook page Fit Foods: serves only healthy and clean food-nothing processed. Each dish prepared is gluten free and features a low glycemic level. For those who are herbivores, the meals can also be prepared meatless. They also accommodate allergies and intolerances.


Centeno says, the “menu is designed to keep you interested with a different cuisine every day.” There are breakfast, lunch, salad and dinner options along with a few choices of healthy snacks. All tasty options are under $9.


A recent selection featured a Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fruit and a crunchy gluten free granola bar filled with cranberries and chia seeds; a colorful Greek Fennel salad with a cornucopia of fresh peppers, olives and feta cheese tossed in the house Greek dressing; and a savory chicken breast stuffed with fresh spinach, feta cheese and a veggie marinara sauce served with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts and Yukon gold potatoes—all finger-licking good and curbing your appetite in delight. Gluten-free lasagna made of polenta noodles, zucchini, veggie marinara sauce and fresh basil, made a great vegan option and Fit Food’s homemade kettle kale chips provide the right amount of sweet and crunch to every bite.


To view their enticing menu filled with delicious meal options visit them at and place an order. Make sure it’s soon; you only have till the end of the day to place an order, since all their deliveries are made between 9 am and 12:30 pm the next day. However, I do warn you, drooling and craze can occur and you may find it hard to pick just one option– trust me you don’t want to miss out on this healthy evolution.


*Distance restrictions may apply; visit to see if you fall within their delivery zone.


Photo Courtesy of Allie Lehman from The Wonderjam. 

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