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Eating Books

Rebecca RitcheyRebecca Ritchey runs Eating Books, a literary food blog. She describes herself as a writer, a reader of books, a squeezer of cats, and an all around curmudgeon.

But how does such a multifaceted person get into literary blogging? Cbus Chic talked with Ritchey to find out.

Initially Ritchey wanted to explore food in literature, and that Eating Books really began as a photography project. She says, “I started with crackling bread, which Calpurnia makes in To Kill a Mockingbird, and staged the place setting so it would fit into that world, as if you were the character sitting down to the table.”

Ritchey realized early on how time consuming it was: gathering props, coming up with recipes, and staging everything. So when it came to promotion on Instagram or Twitter, she decided to keep it general, typically food paired with fitting literary quotes.

“Now I’m mostly active on Instagram,” she explains, “but I’d like to revisit some of the projects I had planned for the blog, like the luncheon from The Bell Jar or paprika hendl in Dracula.”

Dani Candi Ad - 2016Ritchey talks about how Eating Books was a hobby has quickly become an asset for her professionally. As a freelance marketer , she’s been able to use it as an example of the kind of creative work she can do for my clients. And the popularity of the account has given her opportunities that she otherwise wouldn’t have had with businesses or other bloggers.

“It’s cool to meet new people with the same kind of passions. It’s also nice to have your interests align with your career path,” Ritchey explains. She also says that one of her favorite experiences was staging a Game of Thrones style photo for a company that makes authentic ale horns for beer.

Eating Books - EtsyIn addition to the photography, Ritchey also has an Etsy store that’s another creative outlet that’s still aligned with the blog. In her Etsy store, she sells mini book and food charm necklaces (from a select set of titles and food). She hopes to expand the options soon, as well as offer rings, bracelets, and bookmarks.

“There’s something oddly satisfying about making miniature versions of things, like I’m a tiny giant,” she says about having the Etsy store.

Ritchey is also working on a new line of jewelry under the moniker Ravenwire. This line will be less cutesy than Eating Books, with more of a bohemian/gypsy vibe using metals like foreign coins or pocket watches. She’s also working on a Scrabble Tournament fundraiser in September to benefit Columbus Literacy Council, where she serves on the young professionals board.

You can learn more about Rebecca Ritchey and Eating Books by visiting the blog online at and following her on Instagram and Twitter: @eatingb00ks.