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Bride-to-Be: Should I go to all my Bridal Appointments?

If you’re embarking on the bridal journey, chances are you’re setting up several appointments on a Saturday that you’ve invited all your family and gal pals into town for. It’s likely you have two or three appointments scheduled in the morning, a planned lunch break with Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, then a couple more appointments in the afternoon.


While most girls make a day of it, I often hear in my experience, most girls find their dream dress at their first or second appointment and even in the first 20 minutes of trying on dresses. However, girls are hesitant to buy at their first or second appointment because they don’t want to miss their other appointments at the risk of missing out on another dress


In addition, many bridal salons charge a non-refundable fee for cancelling appointments. The average cancellation fee is $50, but personally, I think you should forgo the additional appointments for a few reasons and pay the fee.

  • When you know, you know. If it’s the dress you’ve dreamed of, when you know, you just know. I know it sounds cheesy. But, it’s true.
  • You save other bridal salons from a slow Saturday. I know it might sound selfish, but it is very frustrating to have several bridal appointments in a row with potential customers that are simply playing dress up. I had much rather a bride let me fill up her spot with an appointment for a girl who hasn’t bought her dress yet. The most appointments a store will do are on a Saturday and every appointment can be a critical sale, especially for a smaller boutique.
  • Less stress. The more appointments, the more opinions, and the more worrying if you’re making the right decision and the more resources required to make all the additional appointments actually happen. If you find your dress at a store, just pull the trigger. You will lose much less sleep thinking about that one dress you know is perfect for you.
  • Quick tip – if a store tries to charge you a fee for cancelling, chances are you can dispute the fee to your bank and win if you didn’t sign a contract. Just a helpful hint!


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