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Fanciful Feathers

Rachel White spent the last two years living in London as she met her dream of traveling the world and seeing fashion from a wide range of cultures. She’s always had an admiration for accessories and fashion since she can remember, and she always enjoyed putting together her own pieces.


Her current collection, Portobello Muse, contains feather fringe for shoes, hats, headbands, fasteners and earrings. She’s been to more than 30 countries, and she’s never able to pick a favorite because they are all so special in their own ways, she says.


White transfers that love for each country she’s visited to her accessories because she “wants something that makes her feel expressive, beautiful and comfortable for different occasions in her life,” she says.


White says she feels that fashion “should be fun, make a statement, feel personal and more than anything, be unique like everyone,” which is why she started Portobello Muse and now visits customers over Central and Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky doing “feather parties,” ranging from younger children to adults who are interested in her unique line of feather fashion.


A feather party is a party for birthdays or just for fun. Because of the rising desire to incorporate feathers into fashion accessories. Anyone who has a feather party or attends a party will get a grizzly feather with a bead installed and will personally get to work with White to choose up to eight feathers (of any color!) to design her own velvet elastic headband or fastener.


With this, the hostess gets her extension with silicon bead and installation free, while the party attendees get theirs done for $15 per person. A feather party typically lasts for 90 minutes, with a plethora of feathers from which to choose, and White even brings her own music to spice up the party.


White is willing to travel to Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton or Northern Kentucky for a party, which can be hosted any day of the week as long as the party is booked with her at least 10 business days ahead of time, so she can guarantee she will have all of the necessary supplies. 


The application of the feather extension is safe, and White will do the installation herself. She uses a hot glue gun and scissors to put the pieces together while party guests watch and learn about making the feather accessories. You are welcome to make something other than a headband or fastener as long as White is contacted directly at


Products of Portobello Muse can be purchased at the party for a 10 percent discount. These orders include additional pieces that you may be interested in that you’ve informed White about ahead of time and also 10 percent off custom pieces, which are shipped free of charge within 10 business days after the party.


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