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Fashion with Heart

february issue-37

Brian Alder

Less than a year ago, Brian Alder and Mark Mendelson were looking at starting a new business together and they didn’t want to create just a “buy and sell” business. They wanted something unique.


So in May 2014, they launched Fashion Forward Charity. The company takes gently-used and almost-new clothing and accessories, resells them, and donates 50 percent of the net profit to charity.



  • Request a prepaid donation bag or print a prepaid mailing label
  • Pick unwanted items from your closet and pack them in the prepaid donation bag
  • Send your bag by placing it in your mailbox, giving it to your local carrier, dropping it at the nearest USPS dropbox or by scheduling a free USPS pick-up
  • Donations are then sold to maximize your charitable contribution
  • And 50% of the net proceeds from the donation directly benefit a charity of your choice


InsightlyIt’s a remarkable process that allows charities (and donors) to see results without having to lift a finger. The hardest part of the whole of thing is probably cleaning out your closet.


And it touches everybody from big charities to small nonprofits. Already, Fashion Forward for Charity has gotten to work with The Ronald McDonald House and The Karen Wellington Foundation – a Cincinnati-based breast cancer foundation.


“Fashion Forward for Charity is something that can do a lot of good for people,” says Mendelson.


february issue-43The company has been steadily growing over the past year and is looking at pulling together key staff. They’re also laying the groundwork for a Dublin storefront. The storefront is about six months away from launching (it’s planned for the fall, September/October) and will be a warehouse-type store open four days a week.


Fashion Forward for Charity isn’t your normal company. Their commitment to giving back and making a difference for big and small charities really does show this fashion company’s heart.


For more information on Fashion Forward for Charity, visit them online at