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Fresh Fun Finds at Lilylimes

If you’re searching Columbus for the perfect gift for a baby, toddler or mom, look no further than Lilylimes, a unique shop that prides itself on a wide selection of “fresh fun finds” for young children and mothers.


Owner, Debbie Lime.

Owner, Debbie Lime.

Debbie Lime, owner and founder of Lilylimes, created the business based on her love for giving just the right gift. “I love to shop and give gifts,” says Lime, “My husband and I share an office at home, and he could see how much effort I put into seeking out the perfect gift.”


Lime wanted to find a way to turn her hobby into something more. One day, Lime’s husband noticed a vacant space available in the Olentangy Valley Centre Mall and called to find out some information about using the space for a potential business venture that was to become Lilylimes. Lime’s husband drafted a business plan and asked his sister and brother-in-law to join the partnership. “Things moved quickly after that,” Lime says. “Between the four of us, we have many years of retail and customer service experience.” Thus, in February 2010, Lilylimes was born.


Outside of Lilylimes, Lime has a full-time job as a retail manager and buyer for an Ohio State University hospital gift shop, but that doesn’t change her dedication to Lilylimes. “I am constantly on the lookout for new items to feature in Lilylimes,” says Lime. The store’s tagline is “fresh fun finds,” something that Lime truly takes to heart. The store offers a large selection of children’s toys, clothing, blankets, baby gifts, bottles and more. “The items we sell are things you won’t find anywhere else,” explains Lime.


One such product that Lime is particularly excited about is called Chewbeads, which are fun and stylish jewelry for moms that can be safe for babies to chew on while teething. Lilylimes also has items available for custom order, such as t-Shirts, birthday hats and age blocks, which are a new trend for babies. Lilylimes is open seven days a week and offers personal shoppers for visitors, as well as complimentary gift-wrapping. “Lilylimes is an adorable, happy destination and we would love for people to find us,” says Lime.


Coming up in the fall, Lilylimes will host their annual “Hip Grandmas and Savvy Aunties Open House” for customers to preview the shop’s winter and holiday clothing styles and gifts. Sweet treats and beverages will be available, and the event will also feature a raffle contest. A date has not yet been set for the Open House, so stay up-to-date with Lilylimes to find out when the event will take place.


Lime can truly attest to the stores uniqueness and charm, “I had a customer from Los Angeles come in and say she had never seen anything like it in LA.”


To find out more about Lilylimes, check out their store in the Olentangy Valley Centre or visit their website at

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