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Friendship Fitness

Jeff Binek sees the misinformation and lack of education among families when it comes to nutrition and exercise. And as Americans become increasingly sedentary and over-medicated, he wants to do his part in helping to make health and wellness a core value of all families through Friendship Fitness. 
“Friendship Fitness is a health and wellness community focused on building habits surrounding nutrition, exercise, and mental health,” he explains. “We utilize the strength of community support, coaching accountability, and a high degree of education to give a unique experience that can satisfy and achieve any fitness goal more effectively than other ‘gyms.'”
Binek believes that his work through Friendship Fitness can help families free themselves from unhealthy lifestyles that have become the norm while producing healthy, happy kids and parents. 
“We believe that if all American families were committed to helping their kids understand health and wellness we would see more happiness, better mental health, more focus and effort in education, and less stress on the healthcare system,” he says. “All in all, these simple habits can help make our community a far better place.”
There are currently 8 full-time coaches at Friendship Fitness who are full fitness professionals, including multiple Masters degrees, registered dietitians, high-level fitness degrees and certifications, and even an on-site physical therapist. 
More recently, Friendship Fitness opened a new location in Lewis Center, which has been a dream for nearly 6 years when the group started thinking about the next community they wanted to impact. 
“We searched for real estate options for years, and our patience was rewarded,” says Binek. “We found and built out the most gorgeous fitness center in Columbus and are excited to show it off to the world.”
At the Lewis Center location there are a variety of classes for adults based on their goals, teens and kids classes, full nutrition counseling, personal training, corporate wellness and events, and even some birthday parties for kids.
“We envision other locations in communities where we can have a positive impact on a few hundred families that are truly committed to their household living a healthy, disciplined lifestyle,” says Binek. 
Currently Friendship Fitness is implementing a new system that provides linear performance progressions across every major fitness category. “Along with biometric scans and blood tests, this system will allow our clients to measure progress across every single health metric,” explains Binek. “For the data-drive and statistic junkies, we’re able to give some serious analytics on development in 2020 – far beyond the simple heart rate or calorie intake.”
To learn more about Friendship Fitness, visit There’s free information available on their Instagram page, the Friendship Fitness podcast, and Facebook.

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