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GDC: DIY Halloween Costumes!

Happy Halloween!!! But… Eek! You and the kids still haven’t decided on what you want to be! Gather up some things at the house, and make one of these frightfully fun (and frugal) outfits in no time.

20131031-102920.jpgLOOK #1: Paperdoll (for child or adult)
I wore this a couple weeks ago to a Halloween-themed party and it was a huge hit. I actually made it about an hour before the event too.

All you do is take two pieces of foam core, draw the dress you want on one, and the “paperdoll tabs” on the other. Cut out everything out with a steak knife, tape together, tie it around your neck, and presto! you’re a paperdoll!





20131031-102837.jpgLOOK #2: Grapes (for child or adult)
You can make this outfit with about 10 minutes and a lot of hot air.


Just blow up the balloons and staple them on a shirt. Tape some leaves to a headband, and voila you’re grapes!





LOOK #3: Skeleton (for child)
Skulls and skeletons are all the rage, so a lot of kids already have shirts in their everyday wardrobe; like this one pictured from The Children’s Place that you can use.

If you don’t have one, you can make one by just cutting out a skeleton stencil on paper and taking white spray paint to a black top. You can also make a cute mask out of a piece of white felt.


LOOK #4: Princess
Little girls have lots of things in their already-existing wardrobes to use for Halloween too! Especially this one because every little girl wants to be a princes.

The t-shirt, tutu, and tiara all came from The Children’s Place. You can make a super cute magic wand with a dowel rod from Michaels (or a wooden spoon would work), tape ribbons to the backside of the two paper stars, and glue stars together.


LOOK #5: Snow Leopard
Again, you’ll find things like this in their closets, and if you don’t have them already. They’ll be sure to wear them many times again. Like this leopard print cardigan from The Children’s Place. You can easily make cat ears and a mask with some felt and glue!


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