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GDC: Rainy Day Gear

GDC - Rainy DayOur Queen of Chic is on the small screen again. This morning, she’s on “Good Day Columbus,” sharing some amazing products and 4 looks to help you this rainy season.


Watch the clip here, and be sure to check out the product details below:


LOOK #1:

  • Mad Water® Waterproof Duffel Bag
    Find out more about the Mad Water Waterproof Duffel Bag by going online at
  • Totes Titan Umbrella
    This umbrella is small, but it’s mighty – it can withstands winds up to 70MPH. Get yours at
  • Forcefield Protector Waterproofing Spray
    This spray has an invisible coating that lasts up to 12 months, keeping your shoes dry for days. You can buy it online at

LOOK #2:

  • Totes Puddle Flats, Rain Cape, and Hat
    Keep dry this spring with these comfy, rubber-soled flats, rain coat, and rain hat. You’ll find the shoes online at, and the rain cape and hat at
  • Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella
    The fun shape of these umbrellas will have you singing in the rain. Check out the selection at
LOOK #3:
  • OverBoard® Waterproof Backpack
    Whether you’re just trying to protect your stuff from the rain, or keeping it dry during water-related activities, this backpack has got you covered. Get yours at
  • Totes Auto Open/Close
    Open and close this umbrella at the push of a button. What’s better than only needing one hand free when you’re caught in the rain? Buy it online at
LOOK #4:
  • Totes Rain Cape and Hat
    Keep dry and stylish this season with a new rain coat and hat. Both available at
  • Zoubaby Monogrammed Rain Boots
    Make it personal this year with monogrammed rain boots from Zoubaby. Check them out online at
  • OverBoard® Waterproof Phone Case
    Your phone will be safe and dry with this waterproof case. Buy yours at